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At the start of a Play, the Player is presented with a Game Play Window, to the right of which is displayed a 6x5 grid (the 'Grid') of 30 MONOPOLY tokens each being one of the following: an iron, a ship, a car, a boot, a green house, a dog, a wheelbarrow, a thimble and a top hat (the 'Symbols'). A 'SHUFFLE' button is displayed over the centre of the Grid. The 'SHUFFLE' button will animate to indicate that the Player must click on it to commence a Play of this Game. To the left of the Grid is a box containing nine rows (the 'Prize Table'). Each row consists of three purple insets in the shape of one of the Symbols and to the right of each row is a monetary amount (the 'Prizes'). To the top right of the Game Play Window is a box displaying the words 'BONUS CHANCE' (the 'BONUS CHANCE'). Above the BONUS CHANCE is the instruction: 'Find a Monopoly hotel to win £20 PRIZE.'

To commence a Play, the Player must position his cursor over the 'SHUFFLE' button and click. On doing so, the Symbols will turn over and shuffle, revealing a Grid displaying purple wads of MONOPOLY money (the 'Tiles'). The following instruction will appear below the Grid: 'Pick 14 tiles. Reveal 3 of the same symbol to win PRIZE.'

The Player must position the cursor over one of the Tiles and click. On doing so, the chosen Tile will turn over revealing one of the Symbols. At the same time the first available corresponding Symbol in the Prize Table will be populated. If the Player reveals three identical Symbols, which will populate in the corresponding row in the Prize Table, that row will highlight and the corresponding Symbols in the Grid will animate to indicate that the Player has won the Prize for that row.

The Player can click on the BONUS CHANCE at any time after the Tiles have been shuffled. On clicking on the BONUS CHANCE, the BONUS CHANCE will turn over revealing either a Monopoly hotel, or a 'Go to Jail motif'. If the Player reveals a Monopoly hotel, the BONUS CHANCE will animate to indicate that the Player has won £20.

The Game ends when the Player has clicked on the BONUS CHANCE and 14 Tiles, (the remaining Tiles will fade into the background), and the corresponding areas in the Prize Table have been populated. A message will appear above the Game Play Window indicating the amount the Player has won, if any, and instructing him to click 'FINISH' to complete the Game.

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Overall odds for winning a prize: 1 in 3.9

This Instant Win is a game of chance. The outcome of a play is decided at the point of purchase and your actions will not influence whether you win a prize.

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