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At the start of a Play, the Player is presented with a Game Play Window displaying a snakes and ladders board consisting of 49 squares numbered 1 through to 49 (with numbers in some squares being hidden) (the 'Board'). A square may contain: a) a purple gem ('the 'Gem'), b) a monetary amount (the 'Instant Prize'), c) part of a Ladder, d) part of a Snake, or e) be blank. A red counter (the 'Counter') will be displayed at the bottom left of the Board on square 1.

To the right of the Board are two red dice with the instruction: '6 ROLLS LEFT' (the 'Rolls Left Indicator'). To the left of the Game Play Window is a table consisting of 6 rows with the label 'GEMS' at the top (the 'Prize Table'). Each row displays one grey representation the gem from and the top four rows have monetary amounts to the right of each Gem (the 'Prizes'). At the bottom left of the Game Play Window is the instruction: 'Roll dice to move around the board. Collect GEMS or land on Instant Prizes to win.'

To start a Play, the Player must click on one of the dice. The dice will then roll and land back down displaying the number of squares the counter must move. At the same time the Goes Left Indicator will decrease by one. If after a period of time the Player has not clicked anything, the dice will animate to indicate that the player must click them to continue.

On landing on a square one of the following will happen:

a) On landing on a blank square, nothing will happen and the Player must click on the dice again to continue.

b) On landing on a Gem, the Gem will populate the bottom most row in the Prize Table. If the Player lands on 3 or more Gems, the relevant Prize row will highlight gold to indicate that the Player has won that amount.

c) On landing on an Instant Prize, the square will animate to indicate that the Player has won that amount.

d) On landing on the bottom part of a ladder, the counter will move to the square at the top of the ladder.

e) On landing on the top part of a snake, the counter will move to the square at the bottom of the snake.

A Player's Play ends when he has used all his rolls. A message will appear to the top left of the Game Play Window indicating what amount the Player has won, if any. The word "FINISH" will appear underneath the message. The Player must click FINISH to complete the Game.

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Overall odds for winning a prize: 1 in 3.5

This Instant Win is a game of chance. The outcome of a play is decided at the point of purchase and your actions will not influence whether you win a prize.

A proportion of National Lottery sales goes to National Lottery projects. For further information, please visit the Good Causes and winners section of this site.

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