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At the start of a Play the Player is presented with a representation of a 'coin drop' board (the 'Board'). At the top of the Board are three slots with a blue triangle arrow pointing towards each of the slots (the 'Slots'). At the bottom of the Board, are six prize pockets (the 'Pockets') each displaying a different prize amount. On the Board there are two circles displaying the words 'Double Prize Bonus!' (the 'Double Prize indicators').

At the left of the Game Play Window are the words 'GOES LEFT' and a number 8 on a rotator wheel (the 'Goes Left Indicator').

Underneath the Goes Left indicator are the game instructions: 'Choose a slot and drop a coin. 3 coins in the same prize pocket wins that amount. A Gold coin doubles the prize in a winning pocket.'

To start a Play the Player must click on one of the Slots. When the Player hovers over one of the Slots, a coin (the 'Coin') will appear within it and the blue arrow underneath that Slot will animate. When the player clicks on one of the Slots, the Coin will drop down and land in one of the Pockets at the bottom. At the same time the Goes Left Indicator will decrease by one. If the Coin that drops from that Slot is gold, the Double Prize Indicators will flash Gold on the board.

If the Player does not click on anything, the blue triangle arrows below the Slots will flash to prompt to the Player to choose his Slot.

If the Player collects 3 Coins in one of the Pockets, the Pocket will change colour to red and the prize amount will animate to indicate that the Player has won the associated prize for that Pocket. If one of those Coins is gold, the prize for that Pocket is doubled.

A Players Play ends when he has exhausted all of his goes and a message will appear to the middle of the Board indicating the total amount the Player has won, if anything, and instructing him to click finish to complete the Game.

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Overall odds for winning a prize: 1 in 3.70

This Instant Win is a game of chance. The outcome of a play is decided at the point of purchase and your actions will not influence whether you win a prize.

Around 28% of total National Lottery revenue is expected to go to National Lottery Good Causes in the period up to March 2013.

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