Enter the realm of millionaires

How they won and how their lives have changed - the National Lottery's jackpot winners tell it all.

A £100,000 Instant Win puts Joe in a spin

Joe and Karen McLoughlin and partner with giant ticket

Joe McLoughlin tried his luck with our online Instant Win game Jewel Multiplier and now he's in a spin with a £100,000 win. With just a few clicks of the mouse and a spin-of the Jewel Multiplier wheel he won one gem of a top prize.

Joe, a joiner from Crawcrook, near Gateshead, is married to Karen and is the father of two children. On Saturday 31st May he signed in to The National Lottery's website to check his EuroMillions numbers and while he was there, he decided on impulse to try his luck with the online Instant Win Games. Little did he know his life was about to change on that spur of the moment...

Joe describes that moment in his own words:

"As I was online, I thought I'd try my luck with an Instant Win Game.

"I've played The National Lottery since it began but have never played the instant win versions. I was chuffed to win £10 on my first go, and thought I must be on a roll, so clicked on the Jewel Multiplier.

"Suddenly 'Congratulations, you've won £100,000' flashed up on the screen and another message quickly followed which asked me to call Camelot. Karen and I just looked at each other in stunned silence, unable to move. I rang the number immediately and after a few more phone calls it was confirmed that we had scooped the top prize!"

Karen adds, "We haven't been able to wipe the smiles off our faces - it really does mean everything to us."

Instant Wins are exciting, fun games that start at just 25p per play and have top prizes ranging from £500 to a staggering £1 million. Jewel Multiplier costs £2, and there's a 1 in 3.46 chance of winning a prize from £2 to £100,000. There are lots of games to play online - take a look here. Like Joe, you could just be a few clicks away from winning instant cash prizes.

Car mechanic wins jackpot

Neil Trotter and partner with giant cheque

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Chingford couple win big

Carl and Donna Trainor with giant cheque

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Matt's flying high

Matt Myles with giant cheque

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