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How they won and how their lives have changed - the National Lottery's jackpot winners tell it all.

Chingford couple celebrate Lotto win

Carl and Donna Trainor with giant ticket

A Chingford couple's New Year resolution to start saving a deposit for a new home was given a massive boost when their ticket for Saturday's 18th January 2014 Lotto draw was one of five to match all six numbers scooping a £541,609 share of the jackpot.

For Carl and Donna Trainor, Saturday was a day of strange coincidences which culminated in the Lotto win. That evening deciding a Chinese was in order, Carl popped out to pick up the takeaway and feeling luck must be on his side dropped into a local newsagent to pick up his ticket for that night's Lotto draw.

Donna said: "Carl is the most positive and optimistic person I know. He has always said that we will win the Lottery with our numbers, a combination of my son's birthdays, our birthdays and wedding anniversary, and I've tended to humour him a bit about it, after all it's only a £2 dream each week."

"It was completely surreal when that 12 appeared. I couldn't fathom it and was sure that Carl, who can be a bit of a practical joker, had set me up but then I turned to look at him and he was white as a sheet. Carl started shouting, 'we've won it' while I couldn't stop saying 'no way, no way, this can't be happening.' It was like an out of body experience and that I was watching someone else win, I just couldn't believe that this had happened to us, after all only moments earlier we had been pottering around the supermarket like any other couple!"

Despite Carl's unfailing belief they would one day win, he was still taken aback by the win and Donna's brother, Dave, had to be called upon to help the pair process the news and confirm the win with Camelot.

A new, mortgage-free home is topping the Lotto winnings list, but nothing too flash, a nice three bedroom semi in Chingford. The flash will come from the dream cars, out will go the ever reliable but 'on its last legs' Fiat Punto to be replaced by a pair of BMW's, a 5 series for him and either a 1 or 2 series for Donna. After distributing a few windfalls of their own for close family members, the rest will be invested as a nest egg for the couple and Donna's two teenage sons.

The winning ticket was bought in Smokers Paradise on Old Church Road in Chingford. The winning numbers were 7, 12, 23, 27, 30 and 31. A lucky five winners took a share of the £2, 708, 045 jackpot.

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