Enter the realm of millionaires

How they won and how their lives have changed - the National Lottery's jackpot winners tell it all.

Midwife delivers million pound baby

A midwife from Wigan is celebrating her best 'delivery' to date after scooping £1 million in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle.

Ruth Breen was at work when she received the life-changing news that she had become a millionaire.

Ruth said: "I was just checking my emails on my lunch break in the office at work when I spotted one from The National Lottery telling me that I had some news about my ticket. I didn't think much of it as I have won a few pounds here and there before £ in fact I won £25 just a few weeks ago which I was delighted with!

"When I logged in to my Account I actually couldn't believe my eyes…one million pounds! I was in shock and had to call my manager over to look to check my eyes weren't deceiving me. I just kept counting the zeros over and over, there were so many of them it was phenomenal."

Having just moved to a new home and with her daughter, who is due to start secondary school, the win for Ruth could not have come at a better time.

She continued: "It really feels like a weight has just been lifted off my shoulders, I no longer have to worry. Money in the past has been tight, we've just moved to a new home and I can't tell you how fantastic it feels to be able to pay the mortgage off in one go…it's amazing."

Despite her win, Ruth doesn't plan on slowing down any time soon. Having been a midwife at Wigan Hospital for 5 years, she plans to continue working but perhaps reduce her hours slightly.

She also plans to support a charity close her heart, the Amanda Penk Fund, which was set up to raise money for vital maternity care equipment following the sudden loss of her close friend and fellow midwife, Amanda Penk.

She said: "I love my job, it's hard work at times and can be long hours, but I feel it is a real privilege to do what I do and couldn't imagine giving it up. I also think this is a great opportunity to support my close friend's charity – the Amanda Penk Fund – which raises money for such a worthwhile cause."

Ruth, who is an avid Wigan Warriors fan, also plans to treat herself and her daughter to season tickets so she can watch her team next season.

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