Play Lotto HotPicks Game Procedures

Lotto HotPicks Interactive Game Procedures

Eighth Edition effective 30th June 2013

© National Lottery Commission 2013

Camelot UK Lotteries Limited is licensed by the Gambling Commission (the“Commission”) to run The National Lottery and to promote The National Lottery Lotto HotPicks Game (the “Lotto HotPicks Game”).

Where the Lotto HotPicks Game is played through interactive channels, the Interactive Account Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”), the Rules for Draw-Based Games Played Interactively (the “Rules”) and these Procedures apply. If there is any conflict between these documents, these Procedures will take priority followed by the Rules and then the Terms and Conditions.

Where the Lotto HotPicks Game is played at retailers or by offline direct debit, the National Lottery Rules for Draw-Based Games Played at Retailers or by Offline Direct Debit, and with the National Lottery Lotto HotPicks Game Procedures which are set out in the Players’ Guide, apply.

All National Lottery Rules and Procedures for games played through interactive channels are available on the National Lottery website, by telephoning the Interactive Contact Centre on 0845 278 8000, or by writing to the National Lottery, PO Box 251, Watford WD18 9BR.

All words that begin with a capital letter and have specific meaning in these Procedures are explained below or in Section (F).

  • (A) General

    • (1) The Lotto HotPicks Game comprises five different games - ‘Pick 1’, ‘Pick 2’, ‘Pick 3’, ‘Pick 4’, and‘Pick 5’ - each costing £1 to play.
    • (2) To play the Pick 1 game,you pick one number for your Selection. To play the Pick 2 game, you pick two numbers for your Selection. Similarly, to play the Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5 games, you need to pick three, four and five numbers respectively for your Selection.
    • (3) The Lotto Draws, which take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, constitute the Lotto HotPicks Draws. You do not have to play the Lotto Game to play the Lotto HotPicks Game. Only the Main Numbers, and not the Bonus Number, are used for the Lotto HotPicks Game.
    • (4) If your Selection is not shown in your “My Account” section of the Website then your Selection will not have been entered into any Lotto HotPicks Draw.

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  • (B) Buying a Lotto HotPicks Play on the Site

    • (1) You should fill in the interactive playslip for the Lotto HotPicks Game by following the instructions on the Site.
    • (2) A ‘week’ when mentioned in the ‘number of weeks’ boxes on the interactive play slip, will start on the first available Wednesday or Saturday Lotto HotPicks Draw that your Lotto HotPicks Play is entered into and will end immediately before (and excluding) the Lotto HotPicks Draw on the same day of the following calendar week.

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  • (C) Cancellation of a Lotto HotPicks Play

    • (1) You cannot cancel a Lotto HotPicks Play purchased on the Site after you have accepted the Selection(s) displayed on the "Confirm Play Slip" screen of the Site.
    • (2) If your Lotto HotPicks Play includes two or more Lucky Dip Selections that contain the same numbers for the Lotto HotPicks Game, you should telephone the Interactive Contact Centre within 120 minutes of buying the relevant Lotto HotPicks Play(s), or before the close of sales for that Lotto HotPicks Draw, whichever is the earlier. Camelot may then, at its discretion and following investigation, credit your National Lottery account with a token for an amount equal to the cost of the duplicate Lotto HotPicks Play(s).

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  • (D) Winning and Prizes in the Lotto HotPicks Game

    • (1) If your Lotto HotPicks Play matches the relevant Prize category set out in the table in paragraph (D)(2), you will win the Prize in that Prize category, subject to the Rules and these Procedures. You can only win a Prize in the Lotto HotPicks Game you have entered.
    • (2) The table below sets out the Lotto HotPicks Games, the Prize categories, the approximate odds of winning, the Prize value for each Prize category and the Prize cap multiplier (explained in paragraph (D)(5) below).
      Game Prize Categories Approximate Odds of Winning Prize (subject to Prize capping explained in paragraph (D)(5) below) Prize Cap Multiplier
      Pick 1 Pick 1 Match 1 Main Number 1:9 £5 1.2
      Pick 2 Pick 2 Match 2 Main Numbers 1:79 £40 1.2
      Pick 3 Pick 3 Match 3 Main Numbers 1:922 £450 2.6
      Pick 4 Pick 4 Match 4 Main Numbers 1:14,126 £7,000 9.0
      Pick 5 Pick 5 Match 5 Main Numbers 1:317,814 £130,000 26.0
    • (3) On average, the following percentage of Lotto HotPicks sales will be available to be paid out in Prizes to players:
      • Pick 1 game - 61.2%
      • Pick 2 game - 51.0%
      • Pick 3 game - 48.8%
      • Pick 4 game - 49.5%
      • Pick 5 game - 40.9%
    • (4) All Prizes in a Lotto HotPicks Game will be paid in full except in exceptional circumstances if Prize capping takesplace.
    • (5) Prize capping (which means Prizes may be less than stated) will only occur if the total value of Lotto HotPicks Prizes for a Lotto HotPicks Game (e.g. the Pick 2 game) is more than the Prize Fund for that Lotto HotPicks Game. The Prize Fund is calculated by multiplying the relevant Prize Cap Multiplier (shown in the table above) by the total value of entries in that Lotto HotPicks Game.
    • (6) If Prize capping takes place for a Lotto HotPicks Game, the Prizes payable will be calculated by dividing the relevant Prize Fund by the number of wining entries for that Lotto HotPicks Game.

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  • (E) Refunds for Cancelled Draws

    • (1) Without limiting Camelot’s liability (as set out in Rule 5(D)(5) of the Rules), if there is a Cancelled Lotto HotPicks Draw and you have bought a Lotto HotPicks Play for that Cancelled Lotto HotPicks Draw, Camelot will refund you an amount equal to the price you paid for the Cancelled Lotto HotPicks Draw only.
    • (2) Any refund will be placed directly into your National Lottery account or refunded by any other means decided by Camelot. No interest will be paid on any refunds made.
    • (3) This paragraph (E) shall not apply where a Lotto HotPicks Draw has been delayed or postponed, or has been cancelled but is not a Cancelled Lotto HotPicks Draw as defined in these Procedures.

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  • (F) Meaning of Words

    Bonus Number:
    The one number randomly selected immediately after the Main Numbers have been selected in a Lotto Draw. The Bonus Number is not used to play the Lotto HotPicks Game.
    Cancelled Lotto HotPicks Draw:
    Any Lotto HotPicks Draw which does not take place because of the expiry, suspension or withdrawal of either Camelot’s licence from the Commission to run The National Lottery or Camelot’s licence from the Commission to promote the Lotto HotPicks Game.
    Interactive System:
    The system accessed via the Site which is used by Camelot to register prospective players, administer accounts, enable Lotto HotPicks Plays and pay Prizes.
    Lotto Draw:
    The process which results in the random selection by Camelot of a set of winning numbers (being the Main Numbers and the Bonus Number) for the Lotto Game.
    Lotto HotPicks Draw:
    The Lotto Draw, which is used for the Lotto HotPicks Game. Only the Main Numbers are used to play the Lotto HotPicks Game and not the Bonus Number.
    Lotto HotPicks Play:
    An entry into the Lotto HotPicks Game which has been registered as an entry on Camelot's central computer system.
    Lucky Dip:
    A Lotto HotPicks Play consisting of a selection of different numbers (the number of different numbers depending on the Lotto HotPicks Game you decide to enter) which are randomly selected by Camelot’s central computer system on your behalf.
    Main Numbers:
    The first six numbers randomly chosen at a Lotto Draw. Only the Main Numbers are used to play the Lotto HotPicks Game.
    A prize won by an eligible player in the Lotto HotPicks Game.
    The required set of numbers chosen by you to play the Lotto HotPicks Game or a Lucky Dip for the Lotto HotPicks Game. For the Pick 1 game, one number is chosen; for the Pick 2 game, two numbers are chosen; for the Pick 3 game, three numbers are chosen; for the Pick 4 game, four numbers are chosen; and for the Pick 5 game, five numbers are chosen.
    The website
    A member of the public who is eligible to play the Lotto HotPicks Game, is eligible to open an account on the Interactive System (according to the criteria set out in the Interactive Account Terms and Conditions) and has opened an account on the Interactive System. It does not include a person whose account on the Interactive System has been terminated, cancelled, suspended or closed.

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