Lotto HotPicks gives you the chance to win bigger prizes for picking and matching fewer Lotto numbers. Match your Lotto HotPicks numbers against the Lotto draw. Easy peasy.

On average, 50% of Lotto HotPicks sales will be available to be paid out in prizes to players.

What you can win

Game Match WinΔ Approx odds (1 in x)
Pick 1 1 number £5 9
Pick 2 2 numbers £40 79
Pick 3 3 numbers £450 922
Pick 4 4 numbers £7,000 14,126
Pick 5 5 numbers £130,000 317,814

ΔIn exceptional circumstances, and depending on the number of winners in a particular game, prizes may be less than stated.

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  • Twice-weekly prizes of up to £130,000
  • Bigger prizes for matching fewer Lotto numbers
  • Choose how many numbers you pick and match
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