Lotto Plus 5 - How are prizes calculated?

Each Lotto Plus 5 purchase will enter the selected Lotto numbers into five individual draws. Overall, the odds of winning a prize across all five Lotto Plus 5 draws are 1 in 11. Lotto Plus 5 can only be played with Lotto.

What you can win

Match WinΔ Approx odds (1 in x) per Plus 5 draw
Lotto Plus 5 Match 6 £250,000 13,983,816
Lotto Plus 5 Match 5 + Bonus £25,000 2,330,636
Lotto Plus 5 Match 5 £250 55,492
Lotto Plus 5 Match 4 £25 1,033
Lotto Plus 5 Match 3 £2.50 57

The odds of winning a Lotto Plus 5 prize in any draw are 1 in 54.

ΔAll Lotto Plus 5 prizes are fixed not shared. However, in exceptional circumstances, and depending on the number of winners overall and in each prize category, prizes may be less than stated - see published Game Procedures for current details. On average, 50% of Lotto Plus 5 sales will be available to be paid out in prizes to players.

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