Instant Win FAQs

The world of Instant Wins is full of possibility - but there's no reason it should be shrouded in mystery! We're here to quash any concerns you may have and make sure you know the facts from the fiction.

Instant Wins aren't the same as Scratchcards you buy in the shops. Unlike Scratchcards, we don't know how many top prizes there are in a game before it goes on sale - so, whether you're playing one of our new or classic games, the odds of hitting the jackpot are still the same.

If you'd like to see what it's like to play an Instant Win, without spending any money, we let you try games out absolutely free - just for fun! You can then see which game you'd like to play first and, if you'd like it, you can then choose to buy the game for the chance to win real prizes.

With Instant Wins you could end up thousands of pounds richer in a matter of minutes. Why not try your luck now?

I don't have Flash, how can I play Instant Wins?

If you don't have Flash, the latest version is available at Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to install it. After the installation, close down all open internet browser windows. You should now be able to reopen your browser and view the site with Flash.

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I've switched off Flash, how can I switch it back on again?

This can be done after you have logged in and clicked on My Account, then click on Preferences in the left-hand column and select edit at the bottom of that screen. Finally, ensure there is not a tick in the 'Reveal Instant Wins outcome automatically' box in the 'Account options' section.

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How do I claim my Instant Wins prize?

When you win on one of our Instant Wins, the system will prompt you to move to the next step for claiming your prize. For the majority of wins, your money will be added to your online balance. You are then free to either spend this money on other products, or remove the money back to your bank via the debit card registered to your Account.

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What happens if I win?

For your convenience, we'll pay most winnings directly to your National Lottery Account or your debit card. You can claim your prize the day immediately after you win it. Here's how we pay you:

Wins of up to £500

We pay these directly to your Account. You can either transfer them to your debit card or use them to play more games.

Wins of £501 to £5,000

We pay these directly to your debit card, so you can quickly start to enjoy them.

Wins of more than £5,000

You must claim wins of more than £5,000 by calling the National Lottery Customer Care Team on 0845 278 8000. For these, you'll be paid by cheque.

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How do I play the free version of the Instant Wins?

To try any of the Instant Wins for free, you simply need to log in to your Account. Click on the Play Games -> Instant Wins tab at the top and then click on Try now next to the game you would like to try for free. If you do not already have an Account, you will need to open one to play free Try versions of Instant Wins.

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Why do I have to register to play Try versions of Instant Wins?

You need to register to play Try versions of Instant Wins so we can ensure that you are not under the age of 16. We're committed to operating The National Lottery in a socially responsible way, and that means protecting those considered vulnerable.

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Do I have to open an Account and put my debit card details in to play Try versions of Instant Wins?

You will need to open a National Lottery Account to be able to play Try versions of Instant Wins. However, as there is no cost and no prizes paid for Try versions of the games, you won't need to add a debit card or any funds to your Account.

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I have an unfinished Instant Win, what do I do?

If you have not finished an Instant Win, or you have experienced an interruption in your Internet service, you will find that you are not able to purchase another game until the previous one is completed. You will be reminded in your Account about this unfinished game. In the My Account area, select the link and your game will re-start from the beginning.

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How can I prevent myself from playing the Buy and Try versions of certain Instant Wins?

While signed in to your Account, you should select the My Account tab and click on Play settings in the left-hand column. From here you will be able to exclude yourself from playing certain, or all, games.

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Why would I want to prevent myself from playing an Instant Win?

Preventing yourself from playing any game is a personal choice. If you feel you are spending too much money on a game, you should consider lowering your spend limit from the 'Play settings' in the 'My Account' section, or excluding yourself from playing it.

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What if I exclude myself from playing an Instant Win and then change my mind?

If you change your mind then you will need to call the National Lottery Customer Care Team on 0845 278 8000 and they will be able to re-instate that game.

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What's the maximum number of Instant Wins I can play?

The default limit is set at 75 Instant Wins per day or £350 per week. You will be warned when you are approaching either of these limits. You can lower these limits within the Change Play Setting area. If you have created a Syndicate Account your weekly spend limit will be £1000 and you will only be able to play 10 Instant Wins per week.

There is also a limit set at 75 Try games per day.

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Where can I find the prize information for each Instant Win?

The full breakdown of the prize information and odds for each game can be found within the Game Procedures. You will be able to find a link to the Game Procedures before you try, or buy, a game. You can also find the same link while you are actually playing the Instant Win.

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How do I find my favourite Instant Win?

All Instant Wins can be found at:

From here you can also use the Games Selector, where you can filter by game type, price, top prize and theme.

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Are there different priced Instant Wins?

All games have their own price and prize structure. We currently have games ranging from 25p up to £2 per play.

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How do I know when an Instant Win is going to be removed from the site?

We will let you know in the games overview page.

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Are Instant Wins created by the National Lottery?

Yes, Instant Wins form part of the portfolio of National Lottery games. The portfolio is made up of Lottery Draw Games; Lotto, EuroMillions, Thunderball and Lotto HotPicks, as well as Scratchcards and Instant Wins.

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Do people ever win on Instant Wins?

Yes, there are Instant Wins winners everywhere. There have been lots of big prize-winners across the UK, but many want to keep the details to themselves.

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Do Instant Wins top prizes run out like Scratchcards?

No matter how long a particular Instant Win has been running, the chance of scooping any of the prizes - including the top prize - is the same as when the game first launched. So, whether it's one day or one year old, your chances of winning are the same. You can find out all prize information in the Game Procedures for each game.

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Are Instant Wins random?

As the operator of The National Lottery, Camelot uses independent experts to carry out statistical analysis in order to verify that the random number generators used on their systems produce truly random game outcomes, which are based on the prize payout structure for each Instant Win. So whether you buy, or try, an Instant Win, the outcome of the game you play is selected at random using an industry-approved mathematical algorithm.

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Are Instant Wins the same as Scratchcards?

Instant Wins are interactive and loads of fun, and many of them can't be played anywhere else. You might recognise some of your in-store favourites available online, although the details and odds for each game may vary.

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Why do you only win when you try the games for free?

As operator of The National Lottery, Camelot uses independent experts to audit their systems and make sure all Instant Wins outcomes are randomly generated, whether you're just trying, or buying, a game.

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I have an idea for an Instant Win game; what do I do?

Once you have developed your game idea, you need to read and agree to the Camelot Terms and Conditions for New Idea Review, print, sign and send it, along with your game proposal to us. We will send you a reply explaining the next steps, and our evaluation process.

More details.

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Can I play Instant Win games on the National Lottery mobile website?

Instant Win games are currently not available to play on the mobile website.