• What has happened to EuroMillions?

    From Tuesday 10th May 2011 there's an extra draw on Tuesdays. There is a new lower prize level for matching two main numbers and you can now choose two Lucky Stars from 1 to 11 (instead of 1 to 9), as well as five main numbers from 1 to 50 as before.

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  • Why have you changed EuroMillions?

    Like any other business, we regularly review our products and games to ensure they continue to give players what they want — and therefore continue to ensure maximum returns to the Good Causes. These exciting changes to EuroMillions have been made specifically in response to meet player demand for even larger jackpots and even more chances to win. Introducing a Tuesday draw has brought EuroMillions in line with our other draw based games which have more than one draw a week — such as Lotto or Thunderball.

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  • When did EuroMillions change?

    The changes took effect from Saturday 7th May 2011 when tickets went on sale for the new Tuesday draw. The first EuroMillions Tuesday draw took place on Tuesday 10th May 2011.

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  • What were the changes to EuroMillions?

    The changes were as follows:

    • There is now a second draw day for EuroMillions on a Tuesday; this gives players two chances a week to win a giant jackpot. • Two UK millionaires are now guaranteed every week in the UK Millionaire Raffle, one in each draw. • The Lucky Stars matrix has changed, meaning players now need to select Lucky Stars from 1 to 11 instead of 1 to 9. • There's a new minimum prize tier for matching two main numbers (Match 2+0 Stars), which will pay out an estimated £2.70.

    These changes mean that there will be more winners on EuroMillions and the jackpot should roll more often. The approximate odds of winning the jackpot is 1:116.5m (previously 1:76m), but because of the new prize tier, the overall odds of winning any prize fall to only 1:13 (previously 1:24).

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  • Were these changes to EuroMillions exclusive to the UK?

    No, the changes have applied to all EuroMillions partners. However, the UK Millionaire Raffle remains a UK-only game.

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  • Has the price of a EuroMillions ticket changed?

    No, the price of a EuroMillions ticket in the UK has remained at £2 per play which includes automatic entry into the UK Millionaire Raffle.

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  • Is the Tuesday EuroMillions draw televised?

    No, the easiest way to check EuroMillions results are:

    • Check online with our Results Checker • Sign up for our weekly results email • Open an Account and play online — we'll let you know if you win • Check using our app for iPhone® • Take your ticket to your local retailer

    The Tuesday draw show is available to watch exclusively online from around 10:30pm on Tuesday evenings. The Friday draw is televised on BBC One at 11.35pm — please check local TV listings for details as draw show timings are subject to change.

    Watch the latest Tuesday EuroMillions draw.

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  • Why is EuroMillions not available via Direct Debit?

    Lotto and Thunderball are the only two games that you are currently able to purchase via Direct Debit. We will continue to look at the ways in which we can offer the best possible service — and best possible access — to our players. If you would like to play EuroMillions, you can do so up to four weeks in advance on your online National Lottery Account or at any of our 28,500-plus National Lottery stores.

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  • How big can the EuroMillions jackpot get?

    The maximum the jackpot can grow to is now the sterling equivalent of 190 million Euros.

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  • What happens when the EuroMillions jackpot gets to 190 million Euros and there are no jackpot winners?

    If the jackpot for EuroMillions reaches 190 million Euros, the jackpot will be be fixed and stay at this amount. Any additional prize money above 190 million Euros will be passed down to the next prize-winning level in that draw - e.g. if the jackpot fund is 200 million Euros, the jackpot will remain at 190 million Euros and 10 million Euros will go to the next prize tier (players with five main numbers and one lucky star), assuming there are prize-winners at this level. If there aren't, the 10 million Euros will go to the next tier with winners.

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  • How many times can it roll over even if the jackpot remains at 190 million Euros?

    Once the jackpot has reached the cap of 190 million Euros, it can only roll once before it must be won. If it is not won after one roll, the full jackpot prize fund of 190 million Euros will roll down to the next tier with winners.

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