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If I have multiple draws on one ticket and I match one of my Lotto raffle numbers to one of the winning Lotto raffle numbers drawn, will I be allocated a new Lotto raffle number for any remaining draws I have on my ticket?

No, you will be issued with an exchange ticket if you claim your prize in retail and you still have Draws remaining, which will include the same Lotto line(s) and Lotto raffle number(s), as well as details of the remaining draws you are entered into. If you do not claim your raffle prize prior to the next Draw, your Lotto line(s) and Lotto raffle number(s) will also continue to be entered in the same manner.

Why can't I save my raffle numbers to play next time, as I can with my Lotto lines?

You are not able to save your Lotto raffle number, as you will be given a new unique raffle number every time you purchase a new Lotto line.

If I play in advance (but not by Direct Debit), will I keep my Lotto raffle number?

Yes, if you purchase a Lotto ticket for multiple draws, up to the maximum of eight weeks in advance, then your Lotto raffle number(s) will remain the same until the last draw that your ticket is valid for.

Will I keep the same Lotto raffle number if I play by Direct Debit?

No. If you are playing new Lotto by Direct Debit, the Lotto raffle number associated with every Lotto line played will change each draw. This means if you play Lotto on Wednesdays and Saturdays, your Lotto raffle entry(ies) for the Wednesday and Saturday Lotto raffle draws will be different. This means that you will then get different Lotto raffle numbers for the Lotto raffle draws the following week (and so on).

How do I check my Lotto and Lotto raffle numbers on my mobile?

You can check Lotto and Lotto raffle results on your mobile by going to our mobile-optimised website, or if you have a smart phone, you can download our Official National Lottery app for Android and iPhone.

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