Lotto and Rollovers

What were the changes made to Lotto in October 2013?

The changes we made to Lotto included:

  • bigger prizes for matching three numbers – the prize for matching three numbers is more than doubled, increasing from £10 to £25
  • bigger jackpots
  • a new Lotto raffle – where atleast 50 winners will scoop a guaranteed £ in every Lotto draw, with significantly more winners created on Rollovers.

As a result of these exciting changes, the cost of a Lotto line increased to £2 – the first rise since the game was launched in 1994.

Why did you make the changes to Lotto?

The changes to Lotto were made to get the game out of long-term sales decline and back into growth. The changes were determined following extensive consumer research with our players, through which they told us that they wanted more ways to win more money on Lotto. Millions of people play Lotto each and every week, and it is important for us to listen to what they think of the game. That's exactly what we did, and we believe it was the right time to introduce a re-energised Lotto.

How do I play the Lotto raffle?

With every line purchased on Lotto, you automatically get a randomly-generated Lotto raffle number, which will consist of a four-letter colour, such as 'AQUA' or 'BLUE', followed by an eight-digit number (i.e. AQUA 1234 5678). 50 raffle numbers will be selected for a normal draw by an Automated Draw Machine and each raffle number selected will win a guaranteed £20,000.

As the prize structure changed, does this mean that you lengthened the odds of winning the Lotto jackpot?

No, the odds of winning a prize on the Lotto jackpot draw have not changed for any prize tier and the overall odds of winning any Lotto prize are still approximately 1 in 54. However, by adding the Lotto raffle to Lotto, we have delivered extra chances to win.

Can I just pay £1 and enter either just the normal Lotto or the Lotto raffle on its own?

No, Lotto is made up of the usual Lotto jackpot draw and the Lotto raffle – they are both part of the same game prize structure and cannot be purchased separately.

With Lotto at £2, how does it differ to EuroMillions?

Lotto is still a very different game to EuroMillions and one which appeals to players for many reasons, with jackpots of around £5 million on a Saturday, £25 for matching three numbers and a guaranteed Lotto raffle of £20,000 with at least 50 winners in every draw. This is a very different offering to EuroMillions, with its massive rolling jackpots available with longer odds and two guaranteed raffle winners created each week, but with each one winning £1 million.

Can players choose their own Lotto raffle numbers? For example, blue is my favourite colour, why can't I choose the colour for my Lotto raffle number?

No – the Lotto raffle numbers will be unique and randomly-generated for each line purchased for new Lotto, ensuring no two people choose the same letters/numbers, such as 'AQUA' or 'BLUE', followed by an eight-digit number – i.e. AQUA 1234 5678.

Will I get a Lotto raffle number for every line of Lotto I play?

Yes, with every Lotto line purchased, players will automatically be given a randomly-generated Lotto raffle number, consisting of a four-letter colour, such as 'AQUA' or 'BLUE' followed by an eight-digit number (i.e. AQUA 1234 5678). 50 raffle numbers will be selected for a normal draw by an Automated Draw Machine and each raffle number selected will win a guaranteed £20,000.

What are the odds of winning one of the Lotto raffle prizes?

The odds of winning a Lotto raffle prize will vary depending on the number of Lotto raffle entries in each Lotto raffle draw and the number of Lotto raffle prizes available (a minimum of 50).

How are the winning Lotto raffle numbers drawn?

The winning Lotto raffle numbers will be selected by an Automated Draw Machine (ADM).

How does the Automated Draw Machine work?

Traditionally, for a raffle, all the tickets for the draw are loaded into a 'hat' and the winning tickets are randomly picked out. With all the millions of tickets entered into each Lotto draw, using a 'hat' is not a practical approach. An Automated Draw Machine (ADM) allows Camelot to operate a fast, reliable and completely random Lotto raffle draw. The Camelot gaming system allocates each valid Lotto game entry, including Lotto raffle, a number, according to the order in which it was bought, so for example 1 to 10,000 – where 1 is the first entry bought and 10,000 is the last. The gaming system then asks the ADM to randomly select the number of winning entries required (50 for a normal Lotto raffle draw) from 1 to 10,000. The ADM produces the winning entries entirely at random, so each individual Lotto raffle number has a separate and equal chance of winning a prize, regardless of when, where and how it was bought.

How do I win on the Lotto raffle?

If your Lotto raffle entry matches all of the letters and numbers in the exact order chosen in a Lotto raffle draw (reading from left to right), you will win a Lotto raffle prize.

Can I win on both Lotto and the Lotto raffle on the same ticket?

Yes. It is possible to win a Lotto prize and a Lotto raffle prize with one Lotto entry and its associated Lotto raffle entry.

Why did two of the prizes reduce when the price of a ticket doubled?

In order to give players what they asked for, which was more ways to win more money, we had to change the price to £2 and make changes to these two prize tiers – as there is only a finite amount in the prize fund. We spoke extensively with players and they loved the idea of creating at least 50 winners of £20,000 every draw, more than doubling the amount players win for Match 3 from £10 to £25 and increasing the jackpot amounts. As a result, it was necessary to reduce the average prize tier for Match 5+Bonus from around £100,000 to around £50,000, and for Match 5 from £1,500 to £1,000, as this will affect a relatively small number of potential winners at those prize levels.

What happens to the Lotto raffle if the main Lotto jackpot rolls? Do the Lotto raffle prizes also roll?

The fantastic thing about Rollovers on new Lotto is that 50 players will win a guaranteed £20,000 each on each and every draw, regardless of whether or not the jackpot is won. But what's even more exciting is that if the Lotto jackpot rolls, the next draw will see 100 guaranteed winners of £20,000. A Double Rollover will create 150 guaranteed winners of £20,000, while a Triple Rollover generates 200 winners, and a Quadruple Rollover means a massive 250 winners of £20,000. On Rollover draws, these additional raffle prizes are funded from the rolled-over jackpot or a combination of the rolled-over jackpot and the Lotto Reserve Fund.

How will I know how many Lotto raffle prizes are on offer in a Rollover?

When the Lotto jackpot rolls and the number of Lotto raffle prizes increases, we will communicate both the estimated Lotto jackpot and the guaranteed number of Lotto raffle prize available for that specific draw. These will be communicated via a number of channels including: in-store, online, on TV and via the media.

Where can I check my tickets?

You will be able to check in all the usual places - at any National Lottery retailer, on our website (, via your mobile through our mobile website or the Official National Lottery app for Android and iPhone, and on the BBC through the Red Button Service.

If I play online and I win a Lotto raffle prize, how can I claim my prize?

If you are a registered player and have bought your ticket online, we will send you a prize notification email to inform you of your win – just as we would with any other National Lottery prize amount. Prizes up to, and including £500 that are funded by your debit card will be paid directly to your National Lottery Account, and upon signing in, you will be prompted to transfer any prizes over £500 and up to £5,000 to your bank account. If you win a Lotto raffle prize, or any prize of more than £5,000 you will be asked to contact The National Lottery Customer Care Team to validate your prize. If you play by Direct Debit, prizes of up to £50,000 will be automatically transferred to the bank account that funded the winning line.

If one of my Lotto raffle numbers matches one of the winning Lotto raffle numbers drawn and I have bought my ticket in-store, how can I claim my prize?

If you bought your Lotto ticket in-store, then you can claim your £20,000 prize in certain stores. Most main lottery Post Offices are able to pay up to £50,000 by cheque, and players have the option of receiving £500 in cash. You can also claim by bringing your ticket, proof of identity, to a Camelot Regional Centre where you will be required to complete a Prize Claim Form.

Does this mean that other games will also be changing in the future?

Like all companies, we review all of our games on a regular basis, and will continue to, as we have done since the National Lottery launched in 1994. We have a raft of games in our portfolio to offer players different games with different prizes, odds and price points – it's about having something for everyone.

Can I still play the same number of lines and weeks in advance?

Yes, you can still play for up to eight weeks in advance, using the same numbers you have used before. Alternatively, you will be able to of course choose new numbers or to play by a Lucky Dip®.

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