• What is Millionaire Raffle?

    The Millionaire Raffle is the exciting new addition to our hugely successful big jackpot EuroMillions game - where one lucky UK player wins a guaranteed £1 million every Tuesday and Friday.

    When a player buys a EuroMillions ticket, as well as being entered into the main draw, they will automatically be entered into a separate UK-only draw with a guaranteed prize of £1 million.

    We launched this raffle as we know our players love the excitement of big jackpots and lots of UK winners.

    More information about the Millionaire Raffle

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  • How much does it cost to play?

    As part of the enhancement, the price of a EuroMillions ticket increased to £2 per play.

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  • Is the Millionaire Raffle exclusive to the UK?

    Yes, it is based on extensive research with UK players as to what they would like to see in the UK - namely the excitement of big jackpots and UK winners.

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  • Can I opt out of the Millionaire Raffle?

    No - you are automatically issued with a Millionaire Raffle selection when you purchase your EuroMillions numbers. This gives you the chance to win £1 million in the UK Millionaire Raffle, as well as be in with a chance of winning a mega-jackpot in the main EuroMillions draw.

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  • What are the odds of winning the Millionaire Raffle?

    The approximate odds of winning the Millionaire Raffle prize of £1 million in the Tuesday Millionaire Raffle draw are estimated to be 1:3,500,000 based on assumed sales per draw of 3.5 million Raffle entries*.

    The approximate odds of winning the Millionaire Raffle prize of £1 million in the Friday Millionaire Raffle draw are estimated to be 1:9,200,000 based on assumed sales per draw of 9.2 million Raffle entries*.

    *Odds may vary considerably for each Millionaire Raffle draw depending on the number of Millionaire Raffle entries for that Millionaire Raffle draw (for example, if there is a EuroMillions Rollover)

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  • Does the Millionaire Raffle £1 million prize have to be won?

    Yes - there will be a guaranteed £1 million winner in the UK every draw.

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  • Can I choose my own Millionaire Raffle numbers?

    No - just as you can't with any raffle. Each player is allocated a unique combination of three letters and six numbers (eg BCD123456) for every line of EuroMillions purchased, ensuring no two people have the same selection.

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  • Is the Millionaire Raffle draw televised?

    The Millionaire Raffle is exclusive to the UK only and the winning raffle selection drawn is broadcast as part of the coverage of the main EuroMillions draw on the BBC Friday night EuroMillions show. The Tuesday draw is available to watch exclusively online from around 10:30pm.

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  • How is the winning Millionaire Raffle selection drawn?

    The winning raffle number selection will be selected by an Automated Draw Machine (ADM).

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  • How does the ADM work?

    ADMs have been used in the UK for many years - for example ERNIE (Premium Bonds) works on a similar basis.

    Traditionally, for a raffle, all the tickets for the draw are loaded into a 'hat' and the winning tickets are randomly picked out. With all the millions of tickets entered into each weekly EuroMillions draw, using a 'hat' is not a practical approach. An ADM allows Camelot to operate a fast, reliable and completely random Millionaire Raffle draw.

    The Camelot gaming system allocates each valid EuroMillions game entry, including Millionaire Raffle, a number, according to the order in which it was bought, so for example 1 to 10,000 - where 1 is the first entry bought and 10,000 is the last. The gaming system then asks the ADM to randomly select a winning entry from 1 to 10,000. The selected entry is the winner of the Millionaire Raffle and the guaranteed prize of £1 million.

    The ADM produces the winning entry entirely at random, so each individual Millionaire Raffle number has a separate and equal chance of winning a prize, regardless of when, where and how it was bought.

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  • How do we know the selection drawn is random?

    As with all of our draw machines, the ADM has been rigorously tested - both by Camelot and independently (by the University of Hertfordshire, Statistical Analysis Department) - with information shared with the Gambling Commission. Camelot has obtained the appropriate verification for The National Lottery from the University of Hertfordshire.

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  • How have these machines been certified?

    Gaming Laboratories International in the USA has already certified the ADM for randomness of the numbers generated. ADMs are already in use by other lotteries worldwide.

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