About saved numbers

Save the numbers that you play regularly and make your life a little easier

As a syndicate manager, you may play numerous lines of lottery numbers regularly and it can take a little time to complete your play slip. Now, when you buy multiple tickets of Lotto, EuroMillions, Thunderball and Lotto HotPicks, you can save your numbers and play them whenever you choose. Save your numbers, and save yourself a little time and effort!

How do I play my saved numbers?

To play your saved numbers, simply:

A. Click on the link 'Play my saved numbers' on the play slip of your selected game (see screenshot A), or

B. If you have previously saved numbers for a selected game, you can click on the link for the specific game in the 'My saved numbers' section of 'My Account' (see screenshot B).

Also, for added convenience, you have the option to 'Play numbers again' when you view your tickets in 'My Account'.

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How do I save my numbers?

While buying multiple tickets, you have two opportunities to save your numbers:

1. Just before proceeding to the check out, or

2. When you have completed your purchase.

C. & D. Simply click on the link 'Save these numbers'. If you have previously saved numbers, you will then be asked to confirm that you want to save the numbers - because saving them will overwrite your existing saved numbers (see screenshots C and D).

You can have only one set of saved numbers for each game at any one time.

If you select Lucky Dip® and then 'Save these numbers', the next time you play your saved numbers you will be given another Lucky Dip® selection. If you would like to play the randomly-generated Lucky Dip® numbers again you will need to manually enter these numbers on your play slip and save them. They will then be available to use as your saved numbers.

Please note: raffle numbers are always generated randomly and cannot be saved. If you buy a ticket for multiple Lotto or EuroMillions draws, you will keep the same raffle number for each of the draws for which your ticket is valid.

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Check your results using your saved numbers

You can check the results of saved numbers using the 'Results Checker' for your game.

E. When you are signed in to your National Lottery Account, you have the option of selecting the link to 'check my saved numbers'. Your saved numbers will automatically be entered into the Results Checker. Simply select the draw details for the draw(s) that you wish to check the results of and select 'Check now' (see screenshot E).

If any of your saved numbers were generated from a Lucky Dip, unfortunately you cannot check your saved numbers using the Results Checker. However, you can now check draw results against your tickets in the 'Tickets' section of 'My Account'.

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