Camelot Terms and Conditions for New Idea Review

Please Note: (prior to submitting your idea) Camelot or a third party (whether based in the UK or internationally) may have already developed or be in the process of developing an idea similar to your idea or the material that you are proposing to submit.

In consideration of Camelot agreeing to consider my/our Idea ("the Idea"):

1. I/we warrant that I/we have the sole rights to submit the Idea to Camelot for consideration and that in doing so I am/we are not infringing any other party's legal rights.

2. I/we hereby agree:-

(a) by submitting the material regarding the Idea to Camelot I/we have not established any confidential relationship and, none is implied by the submission of my material to Camelot for its consideration, unless the idea is novel, entirely my/our own and I/we have established to Camelot's reasonable satisfaction that I/we have not supplied it to any other third party;

(b) that by agreeing to consider the Idea, Camelot does not acknowledge that the Idea is new or novel or that I/we have any rights in it;

(c) in undertaking to consider the Idea, Camelot is under no obligation to accept the Idea;

(d) that if Camelot decides not to accept the Idea it is not under any obligation to give reasons for its decision although Camelot will endeavour to do so (subject to legal or commercial restrictions);

(e) that Camelot shall not pay for considering the Idea and shall have no financial or other obligation to me/us or anyone else owing or acquiring an interest in any part of the idea for doing so. Notwithstanding this clause 2(e), Camelot may at its sole discretion negotiate commercial terms if it deems the Idea to be commercially viable;

(f) Camelot is not under any obligation to return any materials submitted unless requested to do so by myself/ourselves;

(g) that Camelot will make an electronic copy of the idea and any materials submitted by myself/ourselves and will retain these electronic copies on file;

(h) that if any third party claims that Camelot by considering the idea has infringed the third parties rights I/we will indemnify Camelot and keep Camelot indemnified against any claims that a third party may have against Camelot;

(i) these terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between us in respect of the submission of the Idea and no provision hereof may be modified or waived except in writing by Camelot;

(j) these terms and conditions shall be for the benefit of myself /ourselves and Camelot, and the successors and assigns of each of them. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision shall not affect the enforceability and validity of the remaining provisions; and

(k) that Camelot will retain my name and other details and may be required to share any material submitted by me (including copies thereof), including my personal information with The Gambling Commission and with any other operator of The National Lottery from time to time.

3. Camelot hereby agrees carefully to evaluate the idea and send to me/us a response as soon as practical thereafter.

This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English Law. Each party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.



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