Players' Guide Glossary


The process which results in the random selection by Camelot of a set of winning numbers (and/or letters) for a National Lottery Draw-based game.


An entry in a National Lottery Draw-based game which has been registered as an entry on Camelot's central computer system.

Lucky Dip®:

A selection of different numbers which are randomly selected by the central computer system on your behalf for a Draw-based game.

A prize won by an eligible player in a Draw-based game or Scratchcard.


If a jackpot is not won in any Draw-based game, the next draw will be a rollover draw (subject to the maximum number of rollovers allowed for each draw, as detailed in that game's Game Procedures).


Any person, firm or company authorised by Camelot to sell Tickets, Scratchcards and/or to pay Prizes.


The National Lottery Rules for Draw-based Games Played at Retailers or by Offline Direct Debit.


One set of numbers chosen by you for entry into a Draw-based game, or a Lucky Dip® for a Draw-based game, to be recorded on a Ticket. An entry into a Draw-based game will only be classed as an Entry when it has been registered on the central computer system.


The National Lottery machine which allows Tickets to be printed and, except in the case of Till-point Terminals, winning Tickets to be validated.


The ticket for a Draw-based game issued by a Terminal to record your Entry(ies). A ticket will show the Draw-based game, number and frequency of Draws selected by you and the range of Draw date(s) the ticket is valid for.

Till-point Terminal:

Certain retailers are allowed to sell National Lottery Tickets and Scratchcards from their own tills. These tills are known as Till-point Terminals. Till-point Terminals can print Tickets and, in selected Retailers, validate Prizes.


A transaction between you and a Retailer which results in the issue of one Ticket to you.