The green way to play

The National Lottery is committed to running the lottery in an environmentally responsible way. We want our games to be exciting and fun to play – but we also want to play our part for a greener future. And as a National Lottery player, you can help!

Reduce, reuse and recycle


Recyclable National Lottery retailer point of sale material

For our Scratchcards we have reduced packaging waste and made ordering more efficient.

You can now see instructions for our games on electronic screens at your local shop. This not only means you can see the instructions quickly and easily; it also means a big saving in paper and fuel.


We reuse the wooden pallets in our Distribution Centre, sending the used pallets back in the lorries that drop off the new products.


A Distribution Centre worker throws waste into a recycling bin

We shred and recycle 100% of our deactivated Scratchcards – that's 300 tonnes every year! Our Scratchcards become products like paper towels, cup holders and magazines.

Over 90% of the National Lottery promotional material you see in your local shops, like posters, is recyclable.

We have a code of conduct and we work closely with specific suppliers to make sure we're reducing packaging, waste and CO2 emissions, through individual supplier feedback on their environmental performance.

Camelot, as the operator of The UK National Lottery, has introduced many schemes to reduce waste and CO2 emissions throughout our own business. For more information visit

Playing our part together – how can you help?

A stack of Lotto play slips - all recyclable

When you play our games online, you save paper and other resources.

The proof is in the numbers! In 2010, online play was increasing, and we found that there was a drop of about 3% in the number of paper tickets sold – despite ticket sales going up.

By playing online, our players are saving tonnes of paper – because you don't need paper play slips or tickets. This also means we need less transportation for distribution, reducing CO2 emissions.

If you still like the feel of a ticket in your hand and would rather play our games in store you can still help.

All the products that go out to our players are recyclable and the majority of our products are printed on sustainably sourced or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper.

We need your help for this one. If all our players recycle their used Scratchcards, tickets and receipts, together we can reduce the impact on our environment.

If you would like to get involved but are unsure how you can recycle, contact your local council or visit for more information.