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It is an offence for anyone under the age of 16 to be sold tickets for any lottery game.

We are directed under Regulations not to sell to under 16s and cannot pay out a prize to a player who is under 16. We've introduced a range of measures to prevent underage sales, both on our website and in retail outlets.


All National Lottery games played interactively are accessible only by users whose age and identity have been confirmed.

As a company committed to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility, Camelot has been iAC-accredited.

iAC (interactiveAgeCheck) is a scheme offering users the reassurance that websites displaying the iAC Protection Mark authenticate the age and identity of all their users.

Having these checks helps us to ensure compliance with the law on age-related access and best practice regarding appropriate access to goods or services online.


Camelot has introduced a range of measures to help prevent sales to under 16s, including, in retail outlets:

  • setting-up a special "Retailer Forum" to identify best practice in preventing sales to minors
  • giving our support to proof-of-age cards
  • sponsoring GamCare's education pack for youth groups, "A Dead Cert?", which encourages young people (aged 12–18) to make safe, legal, and low-risk choices about gambling
  • introducing a hotline (0345 301 6216) to encourage the public to report retailers they believe have sold to children – all calls are fully investigated by Camelot's security team
  • when a terminal is installed in a retailer's premises, all staff are trained to ensure they are implementing the necessary safeguards to prevent under-16 sales
  • running regular "Retailer Vigilance Campaigns", aimed at focusing retailers' attention on the continued prevention of under-16 sales and on highlighting the issue to their customers.

Operation Child

This is a unique test-purchasing programme run by Camelot to support retailers in ensuring they remain vigilant to combat the issue of under-16 sales.

Camelot uses test purchasers aged 16–18, but who have the appearance and bearing of someone under 16, to buy National Lottery products.

The purpose is to work with our retailers highlighting the continued concern and potential of sales to and by people under the age of 16 and highlight the benefits of applying safeguards, such as asking for proof of age, when they suspect a customer is underage.

Camelot undertakes at least 9,000 visits per year. The latest Operation Child figures for the year to January 2009 show 91.79% of those retailers visited refused to sell.

If on three separate test purchase visits a retailer fails to implement the safeguards and sells a lottery ticket to a test purchaser, despite additional training and advice, then the retailer's terminal will be removed and their agreement to sell lottery tickets is terminated.

You can phone 0345 301 6216 to report any concerns about National Lottery products being sold to/by under 16s.

Content filtering – advice for parents and guardians

If you are concerned about young people having access to your computer and internet connection, please ensure you keep your username and password confidential at all times. There are also a number of third-party content filtering applications that parents or guardians can use to monitor or restrict internet use on their computers. These include the following:

  • Net Nanny filtering software, which protects children from viewing inappropriate web content –
  • CYBERsitter filtering software, which allows parents and guardians to add their own lists of blocked sites to its filter –