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£250,000 Red Scratchcard

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£250,000 Red

16 Top Prizes of £250,000

How to play

GAME 1: Find a jewel symbol to win PRIZE immediately to the right of that jewel symbol symbol.

GAME 2: Find a moneybag symbol to win PRIZE shown.

GAME 3: Match 3 identical amounts to win one of those amounts.

BONUS GAME: Find a goldbar symbol to win PRIZE shown.

Odds of winning

Overall odds of winning a prize are approximately 1 in 4.15.

As prizes are won the number of prizes will reduce.


Prizes available to be won on this Game are:

Rules and procedures

This Game is subject to the Rules for Scratchcard Lottery Games ("the Rules") which appear in a separate document available for inspection at Retailers, and to these Procedures. The meaning of any word or term in these Procedures shall be as defined in the Rules unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

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