Scratchcard Rules

Scratchcard Lottery Games

Rules for Scratchcard Lottery Games

Ninth Edition effective 1st February 2009 (as amended by addendums effective on 9 January 2012 and 19 August 2013)

A copy of these Rules may be obtained by telephoning the National Lottery Line on 08459 100 000 (calls charged at the local rate) or by writing to The National Lottery, PO Box 251, Watford WD18 9BR.

Rules for Scratchcard Lottery Games

1. Introduction

These Rules apply to all Scratchcard Lottery Games (as defined below) which form part of The National Lottery. The Company will issue Scratchcard Lottery Game Procedures for each individual Scratchcard Lottery Game.

2. Definitions

The following words and terms, when used within these Rules, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

The National Lottery etc Act 1993 as amended.
A person who submits a claim for a Scratchcard Lottery Game Prize payment within the applicable Claim Period.
'Claim Period'
That period referred to in Rule (4)(I)(3).
'Claimed Ticket'
A ticket that has been or is to be presented for validation in accordance with these Rules.
The Gambling Commission, being the body appointed to regulate The National Lottery or such other body which may carry out such functions from time to time.
Camelot UK Lotteries Limited.
'Defective Ticket'
A Ticket which at the time of purchase is visibly defective illegible or incomplete or contains the words 'void' or 'not for sale' or similar wording.
'Game Number'
The number on the back of the Ticket which identifies a particular Game and which is specified in the Game Procedures.
'Game Procedures'
A written document that includes, among other information, the Game name, a description of how a prize is won, Game Prize Structure and Play Style.
'Game Specific Rules'
Any rules or conditions issued by the Company in addition to or in substitution for these Rules and which apply only to a particular Game.
'High-Tier Prize'
A Prize of or worth over £500.
A person who has not reached the age of 16 years.
A package of Scratchcard Lottery Tickets each with a different Ticket Number.
'Pack Number'
A number which identifies a particular Pack and which is printed on the front and/or back of each Ticket in order to identify the Pack from which each Ticket originates.
'Play Area(s)'
The area(s) on the front of a Ticket that contain(s) the Play Symbols.
'Play Caption'
A caption which is unique to and appears below each Play Symbol.
'Play Style'
The method of play to determine winners for an individual Game.
'Play Symbol'
A symbol on the front of a Ticket which is used to determine whether or not a Player may have won a Prize and which is also specified in the relevant Game Procedures.
A member of the Playing Public who purchases or otherwise acquires a Ticket.
'Playing Public'
Members of the public who are eligible to purchase Tickets.
A prize won by a Player in a Scratchcard Lottery Game. (Reference in these Rules to payment of a Prize includes the award of a Prize other than cash.)
'Prize Caption'
A caption which is unique to and appears below each Prize Symbol.
'Prize Claim Form'
The printed form issued by the Company which a Player is required to complete and submit, together with a Valid Winning Ticket, to be eligible to claim certain Prizes in accordance with these Rules.
'Prize Structure'
The number, value and odds of winning Prizes for an individual Game as determined by the Company and as specified in the Game Procedures.
'Prize Symbol'
A symbol which may appear on the front of a Ticket and which indicates the Prize which may be won by a Player.
'Regional Centre'
A National Lottery office designated as a Regional Centre by the Company.
Any person, firm or company authorised by the Company to sell Tickets and/or pay Prizes in respect of Valid Winning Tickets.
The Rules for Scratchcard Lottery Games set out herein.
'Scratchcard Lottery Game' and 'Game'
A National Lottery Game which is played by uncovering a Play Area or a portion thereof on a Ticket to display the pre-printed Play Symbols and in which the determination of whether the Ticket is a Valid Winning Ticket is capable of being made immediately following its purchase.
The machine which allows winning Tickets to be validated.
Any Ticket in a Scratchcard Lottery Game issued to a Retailer by the Company and sold or otherwise distributed by the Retailer in an authorised manner.
'Ticket Number'
A number on the back and/or front of the Ticket that indicates the sequence in which a Ticket is placed within the Pack.
'Ticket Validation Requirements'
The Company's Ticket validation requirements set out or referred to in these Rules.
'Till-point Terminal'
A type of till located in certain Retailers that can print Tickets and, in selected Retailers, validate Prizes.
'Validation Number'
The unique data printed on a Ticket which, subject to these Rules, enables the verification of the Ticket as a Valid Winning Ticket or otherwise.
'Valid Winning Ticket'
A winning Ticket which meets all the Ticket Validation Requirements.
'Verification Code'
A numeric code used by the Retailer and by the Company when validating Tickets on a Terminal.

3. Status of these Rules

  • (A) These Rules, the applicable Scratchcard Lottery Game Procedures, any applicable Game Specific Rules and the conditions and explanations appearing on Tickets constitute the contractual rights and obligations of the Company to owners of Tickets and Claimants with respect to each Scratchcard Lottery Game.
  • (B) In the event of a discrepancy or inconsistency between these Rules and the applicable Game Procedures on the one hand and the conditions and explanations appearing on a Ticket on the other hand, these Rules and such Game Procedures shall prevail.
  • (C) In the event of a discrepancy or inconsistency between these Rules and the applicable Game Procedures or the applicable Game Specific Rules then the applicable Game Procedures or the applicable Game Specific Rules will prevail.

4. Scratchcard Lottery Game Rules

  • (A) Sale of Scratchcard Lottery Game Tickets

    Each Ticket is to be sold by the Company or its authorised Retailer for the retail sale price stated in the relevant Game Procedures, and printed on the face of the Ticket, provided however that nothing in these Rules shall prevent the Company or its authorised Retailer with its consent issuing Tickets to Players without charge in connection with promotional activity for the National Lottery.

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  • (B) Play Style of a Scratchcard Lottery Game
    • (1) The Play Style for each Game is that indicated on the Ticket and in the Game Procedures for that Game.
    • (2) Neither any member of the Playing Public nor a Retailer shall enter into any special agreement for the issue of a Ticket or Tickets (or for the giving of a Prize) otherwise than in accordance with the Game Rules and Game Procedures applicable to the relevant Game.

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  • (C) Responsibility for Tickets
    • (1) The Player shall be solely responsible for verifying at the time of purchase or other acquisition that (in respect of those parts of the Ticket clearly visible to the Player) the Ticket has not been mutilated, altered or tampered with and that the Ticket is not a Defective Ticket.
    • (2) Subject to these Rules (including but without limitation the Ticket Validation Requirements and Rule 4(J)(8)):
      • (a) until such time as a name and address is placed on the reverse side of a Ticket, the holder of a Ticket which has been issued in accordance with the provisions of these Rules shall be the owner thereof for the purpose of these Rules;
      • (b) when a name and address is entered on the reverse side of the Ticket, subject to the provisions of these Rules, the person whose name and address appears there shall be the owner of that Ticket for the purposes of these Rules.
    • (3) The Player is responsible for the safe custody of any Ticket. Failure to produce the Ticket on claiming a Prize will result in refusal to pay the Prize.
    • (4) Neither the Company nor any Retailer will be responsible for loss, theft, mutilation or destruction of any Ticket or for any errors or omissions in respect of any data recorded or omitted to be recorded on any Ticket or for any loss of whatever nature suffered or incurred by any person as a result of any such event or condition affecting the Ticket.
    • (5) The Player is responsible for claiming and ensuring that he receives the full value of the Prize to which he is entitled.
    • (6) The Player's eligibility to win a Prize is subject to the Ticket Validation Requirements.

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  • (D) Purchase and Prize Restrictions
    • (1) There is no general right for any person to purchase a Ticket. In particular, but without limitation, no Ticket may be purchased by or prize paid to:
      • (a) any Minor whether acting on his own behalf or on behalf of another person;
      • (b) directors and employees of the Company;
      • (c) specified employees of such key contractors and sub-contractors to the Company as may be specified from time to time by the Commission;
      • (d) personal partners and persons who are, to some extent, maintained by any of the persons referred to in Rules 4(D)(1)(b) and (c) above, if living in the same household as any such person;
      • (e) such other person or category of persons as the Company and the Commission may agree from time to time;
      • (f) any person who is prevented from playing the National Lottery by virtue of the Commission's Codes of Conduct
    • (2) If notwithstanding Rule 4(D)(1) above a Prize is paid to a person not permitted by that Rule to be paid a Prize, such Prize shall be repayable by that person to the Company upon demand.
    • (3) The Company or any Retailer, in its sole discretion, may refuse to sell Tickets to any person or persons without giving reasons, but which may include circumstances in which, in its view, that person or persons is or are playing in a manner which it or the Retailer deems to be interfering with other Players' or potential Players' reasonable access to that Game.

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  • (E) Game Procedures
    • (1) The Game Procedures for each Scratchcard Lottery Game shall contain at least the following information:
      • (a) Game name;
      • (b) Game Number;
      • (c) Ticket retail sale price;
      • (d) Play Style;
      • (e) Play Symbols and Play Captions;
      • (f) Prize Structure;
      • (g) approximate odds of winning each category of Prize;
      • (h) method of determining Prize winners;
      • (i) drawing procedures where applicable.

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  • (F) Release of Information about Winners

    Except as required by law, the Company shall not disclose the identity of any Prize winner without the prior written consent of that person.

    Players accept and understand that: a) if a winning Ticket is presented for validation or to claim a Prize at a Terminal (except at a Till-point Terminal, and except at a Retailer that only sells Scratchcard Lottery Game Tickets via an Ingenico 5100 handheld terminal), an audible alert may sound to indicate to the Player and the Retailer that the ticket is a winner and/or a prize entitlement message may be presented; and b) this audible alert may be heard (and the prize entitlement message may be seen) by other persons nearby.

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  • (G) Use of Prize Claim Forms
    • (1) A Prize Claim Form shall be completed and signed in the case of a claim for a High-Tier Prize. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to require the completion of a Prize Claim Form in any other case.
    • (2) A Prize Claim Form must be completed in the name of one owner of and accompanied by a Valid Winning Ticket and signed by him or his duly authorised representative. However, the Company may exceptionally, and at its sole discretion, waive the requirement for a Prize Claim Form in respect of a particular Prize claim (but not the requirement to provide a Valid Winning Ticket), such waiver to be in writing and subject to such terms and conditions as the Company shall require.
    • (3) The Company may refuse to process for payment any Prize Claim Form which is incomplete.
    • (4) If a Claimant is unable to complete a Prize Claim Form due to legal, physical, or other disability, a duly authorised representative of the Claimant may complete and sign a Prize Claim Form on his/her behalf. The Prize Claim Form must state the name of the Claimant and the representative and describe the status of the signatory, if not the Claimant. The Company reserves the right to request evidence of the capacity of a representative to claim.
    • (5) If the person signing the Prize Claim Form is a personal representative of the estate of a deceased winner, that person shall submit with the Prize Claim Form letters of administration or grant of probate showing that appointment or such other documentation as the Company shall in its discretion deem sufficient properly to establish such representative's entitlement to receive the relevant Prize.
    • (6) Payment of the Prize to the person shown on the Prize Claim Form as the Claimant or his duly authorised representative shall fully and effectively discharge the Company, its officers, employees, representatives, contractors and any person, firm or company authorised by the Company to pay Scratchcard Lottery Game Prizes from any further liability for payment of that Prize.
    • (7) A person who signs a Prize Claim Form shall be deemed to have represented that he is lawfully entitled to the winning Prize and the information contained therein is accurate and complete, and shall indemnify the Company against any costs, losses, damages and expenses which the Company may suffer or incur with respect to the Ticket or delivery of the Prize as a result of any misrepresentation.
    • (8) In the event of any inconsistency in the information submitted on the Prize Claim Form and/or shown on the Claimed Ticket or for any other reason at its complete discretion the Company may investigate and withhold all winnings which may be due to the Claimant (or may make a payment into court) until such time as the Claimant satisfies the Company that he/she is the proper person to whom the Prize should be paid.

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  • (H) Ticket Validation Requirements
    • (1) Before a prize can be paid on any Claimed Ticket, it shall be validated according to the Company's validation procedures adopted from time to time. The Company's decision as to whether or not the Claimed Ticket is valid shall be final and binding. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing:
      • (a) the Company shall declare a Claimed Ticket invalid, and accordingly shall not pay any Prize, if:
        • (i) subject to Rule 4(M), the Company reasonably believes the Claimed Ticket to have been stolen;
        • (ii) the Claimed Ticket does not appear on any list held by the Company of the tickets issued in respect of the Game;
        • (iii) the Claimed Ticket is counterfeit, has been forged in whole or in part or fails to pass the Company's validation and security tests;
        • (iv) the Claimed Ticket is not received by the Company or the Retailer by the deadline or within the timescale applicable to the particular Game;
        • (v) the Validation Number of a Claimed Ticket does not appear on the Company's official list of Validation Numbers of winning Tickets or a Valid Winning Ticket with that Validation Number has been paid previously;
        • (vi) the Validation Number does not correspond, using the Company's codes, to the Play Symbols or Prize Symbol on the Claimed Ticket and/or is not printed in the correct symbol font;
        • (vii) the Company reasonably believes that the Ticket was purchased by any member of the classes of individual listed in Rule 4(D)(1)(a) to (f) inclusive;
      • (b) the Company may at its discretion declare a Claimed Ticket invalid and accordingly shall not be obliged to pay any Prize if:
        • (i) the Claimed Ticket is not fully legible or is mutilated, altered, unreadable, incomplete or has been tampered with in any manner;
        • (ii) the Claimed Ticket has not been issued or sold in an authorised manner by the Company or by the Retailer;
        • (iii) the Play Symbols, Prize Symbols, Play Captions, Prize Captions, Validation Number or any other unique feature of the Claimed Ticket do not correspond precisely with the artwork for the ticket held on file by the Company in respect of the Game to which the Claimed Ticket relates and/or the Claimed Ticket is defective and/or misprinted, in whole or in part.
    • (2) Subject to the provisions of Rule 4(H)(1) above a Valid Winning Ticket shall be the only valid instrument for claiming a Prize.
    • (3) A Claimant shall be entitled to claim only the Prize or Prizes for which the validated Ticket is eligible and not any other Prize or any otherwise unclaimed Prize in the particular Game.
    • (4) The Company reserves the right to withhold payment of any Prize until it is entirely satisfied as to the validity of any Claimed Ticket and the Claimant's bona fides, and reserves the right to call for proof of identity and capacity to claim.
    • (5) The Company reserves the right to photograph any Claimant for security purposes.
    • (6) The Company reserves the right to retain any Ticket submitted to the Company for validation.

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  • (I) Game Termination and Prize Claim Period
    • (1) The Company may at any time announce the closing date for an individual Game.
    • (2) Notices shall be displayed at all Retailers' premises showing clearly how Players may obtain from Retailers up to date information concerning dates of Game Closures and the period within which prizes must be claimed following closure of an individual Game.
    • (3) Scratchcard Lottery Game Prizes must be claimed within the ordinary hours of business of the Company or of the relevant establishment authorised to pay Prizes (as appropriate) but, in any event, no later than 23:00 hrs on the 180th day after the closing date of the particular Game (the "Claim Period").

      Any such Prize not so claimed within this period will be forfeited. Subject to the provisions of Rule 4(J)(4) if a Prize is claimed in person any relevant completed Prize Claim Form and the Valid Winning Ticket must be received by a Retailer or by the Company at any Regional Centre (as appropriate) within this period. If a Prize is claimed by post, the Valid Winning Ticket and any relevant completed Prize Claim Form must be received by the Company at the address of the National Lottery shown on the reverse of such Ticket within this period. Postal claims are made at the Claimant's own risk and the Company accepts no liability for Claimed Tickets and/or Prize Claim Forms lost or delayed in the post.

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  • (J) Payment to Prize Winners in Person
    • (1) Subject to the provisions of these Rules, Retailers are authorised and required to make payment in cash of Prizes of £100 or less (£50 or less at selected Retailers with Till-point Terminals), and may make at their discretion payment in cash of Prizes from £100 to £500 (or such higher amount as authorised by the Company). Certain Retailers with Till-point Terminals may, at their discretion, pay such Prizes onto a Prize winner's debit or credit card instead of in cash. In the event that a Prize winner submits a Ticket to a Retailer for validation and payment of a Prize, and the Prize is in excess of the payment authority of that Retailer, the Player shall be advised by the Retailer of the appropriate method to claim the Prize.
    • (2) Certain designated Post Offices in the United Kingdom and one or more designated Retailers in the Isle of Man will be allowed to pay any Prize up to £50,000 by cheque(s) or by a combination of cheque(s) and up to £500 in cash.
    • (3) The owner of a Valid Winning Ticket representing a Prize in excess of £500 and up to and including £50,000 shall submit such Valid Winning Ticket together with a completed Prize Claim Form and proof of identity, to a designated Post Office or a Regional Centre.
    • (4) Claims for prizes over £50,000 must be made in person and shall be paid at the Claimant's home, other agreed location or at a Regional Centre.
    • (5) The Company reserves the right to make payment by cheque, other approved instrument or direct credit.
    • (6) In the event that a single Ticket contains multiple winning plays, the Prize amounts shall be added together for the purpose of calculating the total Prize payment amount for the Ticket.
    • (7) Neither the Company nor any Retailer shall be responsible or liable to any person claiming an interest of whatever nature in a lost or stolen Ticket as a result of the payment of a Prize to the holder of an unsigned Ticket or to the person purporting to be the person whose name is entered on the reverse of the Ticket, whether or not advice of the loss or theft had been notified to the Company prior to payment of the Prize. Without prejudice to the above, the Company shall use its best endeavours to carry out and ensure that any Retailers or other persons responsible for payments of Prizes shall carry out such identity checks and other security measures as the Company shall in its discretion from time to time deem reasonable and appropriate in relation to payment of any particular Prize amount.
    • (8) In the event that the Company, in its absolute discretion, believes that the holder of a Ticket presented for payment or a person whose name has been entered on the reverse of the Ticket or who has completed a Prize Claim Form is not the rightful owner thereof or lawfully entitled thereto, it shall be entitled to withhold a payment of any Prize winnings pending the outcome of all appropriate checks and enquiries.
    • (9) The Company shall not be liable to make payment of any Prize on a Ticket which it knows or suspects has been resold or otherwise transferred by way of trade.
    • (10) The Company shall not be liable to pay interest on any winnings in respect of any period during which security or other relevant checks or enquiries are in process regarding any Ticket presented for payment by a Claimant, or during any period in which a dispute relating to the validity of a Ticket or claim has not been resolved.

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  • (K) Prize Payment by Mail
    • (1) A Prize of £50,000 or less may be claimed, entirely at the Claimant's risk, by posting the Valid Winning Ticket together with a completed Prize Claim Form if the claim is for a High-Tier Prize, to the National Lottery at the address shown on the Prize Claim Form or, if none, on the Ticket. The Ticket shall contain the name and address of the Claimant on the reverse side. If a Ticket is sent to the National Lottery that does not have a name appearing on the reverse side of the Ticket, payment will be made, subject to the provisions of these Rules, to the person whose name appears on the Prize Claim Form or, if no Prize Claim Form is required to be submitted, to the Claimant.
    • (2) The Company will pay such Claimant at the Claimant's risk by cheque in accordance with the Company's procedures, provided that all the Ticket Validation Requirements have been met.

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  • (L) Payment to Persons Under a Legal Disability
    • (1) The Company will make payment to the duly authorised representative of a person under legal or other disability.
    • (2) The Company may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction to determine the lawful payee in any particular case.
    • (3) Save as provided above, the right of any person to a Prize shall not be assignable.

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  • (M) Found Tickets
    • (a) A person who finds a Ticket (a "Finder"):
      • (i) which does not bear an individual person's name or address or other indication of ownership or;
      • (ii) which does have such a name or address or other indication of ownership but such information is illegible, inaccurate or incomplete so as to prevent the Finder returning the Ticket to the rightful owner should, if the Ticket is one in respect of which the Claim Period has not expired, and in respect of which a Prize appears to be payable submit the Ticket to the Company's Prize Payout Department at The National Lottery, PO Box 287, Watford, WD18 9TT with a covering letter or note containing the name, address and contact telephone number of the Finder and information as to the circumstances of his/her finding of the Ticket and steps (if any) taken by him/her to return the Ticket to its rightful owner.
    • (b) If a Ticket received by the Company pursuant to Rule 4(M)(a) above is a Valid Winning Ticket and after such investigation as it considers appropriate, the Company is in its discretion satisfied that the Finder took all reasonable steps to return the Ticket to its rightful owner before submitting it to the Company and is satisfied that the Ticket was lost by or stolen from the rightful owner and found by the Finder then, within a reasonable time following the end of the Claim Period but without prejudice to Rule 4(J)(8) and Rule 4(L)(2), the Company may at its discretion pay the Prize to the Finder.

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  • (N) General
    • (1) Any person who purchases or submits a Ticket for validation or who claims a Prize in whatever capacity, agrees to be bound by the provisions of the Act, any Regulation made thereunder, the provisions of these Rules, as amended from time to time, and of any Game Procedures and any other procedures issued from time to time by the Company in respect of the relevant Game.
    • (2) Each Prize winner is deemed to acknowledge that, if and to the extent that the Company is legally obliged to provide a third party with details of any Prize claimed by or on behalf of, or paid to the Prize winner, the Company shall be entitled to do so.
    • (3) The Company may amend, modify or otherwise change these Rules and any Game Specific Rules, Game Procedures and other procedures issued by the Company from time to time. Such amendments, modifications or changes shall be applicable with effect from their introduction and shall be applicable to prior Games so far as they relate to claim and Prize payment procedures.
    • (4) Where the context so requires, in these Rules, the neuter gender shall include the feminine or masculine gender and vice versa, the feminine gender shall include the masculine gender and vice-versa and the singular shall include the plural and vice-versa.
    • (5) In the event that any provision of these Rules, of the conditions and explanations appearing on a Ticket or of such other conditions as are established by the Company are determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void and unenforceable, such determination shall solely affect such provision and shall not, in itself, render void or unenforceable the remaining provisions hereof.
    • (6) Where Claimants provide the Company with personal information about themselves in relation to a Prize claim (such as their name, address, and bank details), the Company may hold and process that personal information in respect of that Prize claim and to fulfil its obligations under the licence granted to it by the Commission pursuant to Section 5 of the Act. By passing personal information to the Company, Claimants agree and consent to such processing of their personal information by the Company.

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  • (O) Limitation of Liability
    • (1) The Retailer is authorised by the Company to issue Tickets, to pay Prizes in respect of Valid Winning Tickets and to display and/or have available information produced by the Company in respect of Games. Save as specified in the written agreement between the Company and the Retailer, a Retailer is not authorised by the Company to carry out any other acts or make any admissions whatsoever.
    • (2) If a Defective Ticket is purchased it shall be void and the Company's only liability shall be reimbursement of its cost.
    • (3) Neither the Company nor any Retailer shall in any circumstances be liable for any loss of whatever nature, including but without limitation, indirect or consequential loss, suffered or incurred by any Player, any holder or owner of a Ticket, any Claimant or any other person arising from the withdrawal of any Game or from the participation or non-participation of any person in any Game, including the loss, for whatever reason, of the chance to participate in such Game. In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, neither the Company nor any Retailer shall be liable to any person:
      • (a) in the event of force majeure including, but without limitation, any act of God, war, strike, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest or other event beyond the reasonable control of the Company or Retailer;
      • (b) for the failure of, or damage or destruction to, the Company's central computer system or records, or any part thereof;
      • (c) for delays, losses, errors or omissions in or made by the postal or other delivery service or by the banking system;
      • (d) for any other action or event which prevents or hinders the issue of a valid Ticket;
      • (e) for the refusal to sell a Ticket to any person in accordance with these Rules.
    • (4) The Company shall have the right to suspend or withdraw any Game at its absolute discretion at any time.

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  • (P) Decisions of the Company Binding

    The Company's decision as to whether or not a Ticket is a Valid Winning Ticket or in respect of any other matter or dispute arising from the payment or awarding or non-payment or non-awarding of prizes shall be final and binding upon all Players and any other person or persons having any interest in the matter or dispute. Without prejudice to the foregoing, if a prize claimed has not been paid, the Company may, solely at its option, reimburse the cost of the Ticket or replace the disputed Ticket with a Ticket of equivalent sales price for any current Scratchcard Lottery Game. This shall be the owner of the Ticket or Claimant's sole and exclusive remedy, and such reimbursement or replacement shall fully discharge the Company from any liability in respect of such a dispute. The Company may withhold payment of a Prize and/or make an equivalent payment into court until any dispute has been resolved.

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  • (Q) Law

    These Rules and the rights and obligations of the Company and Players set out therein shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction.

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