Scratchcard history

History of The National Lottery Scratchcards

An impulse Scratchcard buy can be so rewarding! From as little as £1.00, there's a wide range of fun and exciting Scratchcards to play. Since the Scratchcard range was launched in March 1995 with an easy-to-play £1 game, the range has expanded to include £2, £3, £5 and £10 price points as well – and, as the price point increases, your odds of winning increase as well. You can win cash prizes from £1 up to a cool £4 million instantly, and we've even had non cash top prizes of holidays and cars!

All our Scratchcards offer exciting games and innovative play styles. From simple match 3 to win and autowins to Bingo-style games and multipliers, there's a National Lottery Scratchcard for everyone!

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Below are some of the popular Scratchcards that our players have enjoyed:

  • Instants Blue ScratchcardFirst £1 Scratchcard game, launched in March 1995. Instants Blue
  • £100,000 Rainbow ScratchcardA popular £1 game, now with a top prize of £100,000. £100,000 Rainbow
  • £250,000 Silver ScratchcardPopular £2 game that has been in market since 2005. £250,000 Silver
  • Cars and Cash ScratchcardA recent non-cash prize game to win a car. Cars and Cash
  • Christmas Bonus ScratchcardChristmas-themed game with a festive feel. Christmas Bonus
  • Bingo Blue ScratchcardFirst Bingo-themed £3 game, launched in March 2011 – now available in a variety of colours. Bingo Blue
  • £30 Million Spectacular ScratchcardFirst £5 Scratchcard, launched in October 2003. £30 Million Spectacular
  • Bullion ScratchcardFirst Scratchcard game with a top prize of £1 million, launched in April 2004. Bullion
  • Rich for Life ScratchcardFirst annuity game offering £40,000 a year for life – available in a variety of colours. Rich for Life
  • £4 Million Blue ScratchcardBiggest-ever Scratchcard top prize of £4 million, and the highest prize payout to date. £4 Million Blue
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