Important information

Conditions of play

A person may not play until the following criteria are satisfied;

(a) the Player is a resident of the UK or Isle of Man;

(b) the Player is not a Minor;

(c) the intending Player does not already have an Account;

(d) where debit card details have been supplied, the debit card details supplied are those of a UK or Isle of Man debit card linked to a UK or Isle of Man bank (or building society) account in respect of which the Intending Player is an authorised user;

(e) the card referred to in (d) above has not been reported as lost or stolen or has not been supplied in relation to another Account; and

(f) where required the Intending Player is able to verify the authenticity of any information he has supplied to the Company by a method to be determined by the Company in its sole discretion.

See our full Interactive Account Terms and Conditions, Games Rules and Procedures and Privacy Policy for more information.

Can I play from overseas?

No, to play UK National Lottery games online, you must be a resident of the UK or Isle of Man at all times. You must also be physically located in the UK or Isle of Man when buying a ticket or when setting up or amending a Direct Debit Account, including changing your numbers and payment details.

If you do not meet these requirements, any ticket purchases you make will be declared invalid and no prizes paid, and we will have the right to reclaim any prizes already paid under these circumstances.

When can I play?

Opening hours

Our site is open 24 hours and you can check results, unclaimed prizes and other information including the latest Good Cause and Winners' stories. There are restrictions around buying tickets - game play is not available from 2am until approximately 8am.

When can I buy tickets?

Play Lottery Draw Games from 8.00am until the game closes for the draw. To find out full details of when the games are available to play, visit our pages about each draw. You must have purchased your ticket by 7.30pm on the day of the relevant draw to take part.

Play Instant Wins from 8.00am until 2.00am the following day.

If you need more information on any topic, please call 0845 278 8000. The National Lottery Customer Care Team are available between 8.00am and 11.00pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.