Passwords and security question

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Stay safe online by creating a secure password and protecting it.

Creating a password

When setting up a National Lottery Account, we'll ask you to create a password. It's really important to use words and numbers you can easily remember, but make sure it's only memorable to you and can't be guessed by anyone else.

A password must be between 6 and 12 characters long and include at least one letter and one number. Follow these simple tips to make your password harder for someone else to guess:

  • Don't choose a password with repeated characters (e.g. aaaaaa111, 111111a) or sequential characters (e.g. 123456a)
  • Choose letters and numbers that mean something to you - and no-one else - but don't use dictionary words, your name, spouse's name, pet's name, birthday or any personal information that others can easily obtain
  • Don't use words or phrases that relate to The National Lottery or your Account.

Password protection

Whether you're online or offline, protect your password as you would your house keys. If your password falls into the wrong hands, someone else may access your Account. Follow these simple steps to help ensure your password is always protected:

  • Create a different password for each online account you hold with different companies
  • Keep your password private - don't share it with anyone
  • Never write it down
  • Change your password frequently - at least every 1 to 2 months
  • When changing your password please be aware that certain 'weak' passwords (such as your username) are not permitted on The National Lottery website
  • If you think someone has obtained your password, change it and call our National Lottery Customer Care Team immediately.

Please note, our National Lottery Customer Care Team will never ask you for your entire password.

Security question

For security, we recommend that, where possible, you give an answer to your security question that is 6 or more characters long. Additionally, your answer should not be easy to guess and may include, but not start with, the following special characters: apostrophes, full stops, spaces, hyphens and commas.

Your security question is important to remember, particularly if you happen to forget your username or password. By answering the security question you've selected online, you will be able to access your Account without the need to call us.