Prize payments in-store

There are over six million winners on The National Lottery every week. When you buy your ticket and check the results, there are some simple steps you can follow to ensure that, when you win, you receive the correct prize. While we provide all the assistance we can, there is no substitute for player diligence – The National Lottery ticket you buy could potentially be worth millions of pounds, after all!

STEP 1 – Make the ticket yours

You are responsible for keeping your National Lottery ticket or Scratchcard safe. After buying your ticket, make sure you write your name and address on the back of it. This is to prevent anyone else claiming your prize in the event that it is lost or stolen.

STEP 2 – Results checking

Once the draw for your ticket has taken place, make sure you check to see if you are a winner. There are a number of ways in which you can do this.

STEP 3 – In-store measures

When you give your National Lottery ticket or Scratchcard to the retailer, you will notice some additional measures we have put in place to ensure that you know you are a winner and how much you have won.

  • A new 'win sound'
    The National Lottery terminal will make a distinctive sound when a winning ticket or Scratchcard is scanned*.
    Listen to the 'win sound': Click to play win sound

    *Except till-point terminals and handheld terminals at Scratchcard-only retailers.
  • A new 'win receipt'
    This is a receipt that a National Lottery retailer must give to a player every time a winning Lottery Draw Game ticket (for example, Lotto or EuroMillions) is scanned and validated. For prizes that can be paid out in-store, the 'win receipt' will inform you how much you have won. For higher-value prizes that need to be paid out at a Post Office or by Camelot, the 'win receipt' will provide guidance on how you can claim your prize.
    Please note that you will not be given a 'win receipt' for a winning Scratchcard. This is because Scratchcards already contain all of the information necessary for you to know whether or not you have won a prize.

    Sample win receipt
  • When you receive your prize, the retailer will keep your ticket. If, however, the retailer cannot pay you your prize, they will return the ticket to you, along with your 'win receipt'.

Please remember that, if your National Lottery ticket or Scratchcard is not a winning one, the retailer must give it back to you.

Queries or doubts: If you feel that the retailer has made a mistake, please query the matter with them immediately. Using the lottery terminal, they can check to see whether they gave you your 'win receipt' (if you have presented a Lottery Draw Game ticket) and can also find your transaction on the terminal.

If the retailer cannot resolve your prize payment query to your satisfaction or you have any further concerns, please contact Camelot to report the matter. You can either:

Find out more about the complaints procedure

All prize payment queries and complaints are investigated by our Security Operations Team – please provide a daytime phone number for them to contact you.

'Win sound' and 'win receipt' questions and answers