Puzzle games

Everyone loves a good puzzle game. From finding buried treasure to figuring out a good 'who done it'; puzzle games are some of the nation's favourites. You can now play the most popular puzzle games online without the need for a board or other players. What's more, when you swap your conventional puzzle game for online puzzle games, you can win big.

An Instant Win puzzle game is quick, entertaining and can be rewarding both financially and in terms of enjoyment. You can play puzzle games from as little as £1 and win more than £50,000. What's more, these puzzle games are quick to pick up and great fun to play. You can even try the games out for free; you can't win prizes on our try games but once you are confident with the game rules and conduct, you can pay and play for real.

Popular puzzle games include letter games, nostalgic games and contemporary takes on classic favourites. These online versions of your favourite games can provide distraction and amusement for as long as required.

These games are easy to pick up but often difficult to put down, so when you open an Account you can set your own spending limits to a figure that suits you, ensuring your puzzle solving can remain frivolous fun.