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Some games are based on pure luck, others are unashamedly fun and some require skill and knowledge; one such game is Scrabble™. The Scrabble™ game has now reached the ripe old age of 60 and for its entire lifetime, it has been challenging game players to reach new levels of wordsmithery.

Over 100 million sets of the original board game have been sold in 29 different languages, making it the world's bestselling word game.

What's more, this classic board game is now available to play on the internet. Playing Scrabble™ online retains very similar rules as the original Scrabble™, game but has the added value of winning money and not just the envy of the other contestants when you get a triple word score!

Scrabble™ games have evolved over time and there are now several versions of this classic and popular game available online. If you are new to online games, then play Scrabble™ to get a good introduction into a new activity in a familiar format.