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Snakes and ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a definite family favourite. This game of yesteryear is now over 65 years old but is no way near retirement. Snakes and Ladders has been popular since its conception in the 1940s and now brings enjoyment not only to young children, but also to adults who can reminisce about their own childhoods.

The game is enjoying a new lease of life now that it has moved onto the internet. Online Snakes and Ladders is just as fun as in the original format but, with Instant Win games, you can collect monetary prizes without too much effort.

Play Snakes and Ladders if you are new to online gaming, as the format is the same as the original. All you have to do to play Snakes and Ladders online is roll the dice, move around the board and try and collect three or more lucky squares or land on an Instant Win square. What's more, if you slide down three snakes you instantly win £5. From just £1 a play, this game is a real winner.