Exciting changes to Lotto

Exciting changes to Lotto are coming in autumn 2013!

Later this year you will have even more ways to win more money on Lotto.

  • Bigger prizes for matching three numbers
    The prize for matching three numbers will more than double, from £10* to £25*.
  • Bigger jackpots
    The average Saturday jackpot is expected to be around £5 million, and Wednesday jackpots will be around £2.5 million, following the changes to the game.
  • A new Lotto raffle
    At least 50 winners will scoop a guaranteed £20,000 in each Lotto draw, with hundreds more winners created on Rollovers.

As a result of these exciting changes, the cost of a Lotto line will increase to £2 – the first rise since the game launched in 1994.

There will also be changes to the average prizes for matching four and five numbers, and five numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

What won't change, though, is how you play Lotto. You will still choose six numbers from 49, and the draws will still take place every Wednesday and Saturday. For every Lotto line you buy, you will automatically receive an entry into the raffle.

View the prize tiers following the planned changes to Lotto Frequently Asked Questions about the changes

* The prize for matching three numbers will remain fixed. In exceptional circumstances, however, if the available Prize Fund is not enough to pay every Match 3 winning entry in a Lotto draw, then the prizes paid out will be shared equally between all winning entries, and may therefore be less than stated. In the 18 years of the current Lotto game we have never had to invoke this change.