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Lotto draw 1947

Draw date Wed 20 Aug 2014


  1. 06
  2. 12
  3. 15
  4. 24
  5. 35
  6. 47
  7. 22

Lotto raffle results

100 prizes of £20,000

Lotto raffle numbers 1-7 of 100

  1. AQUA 0269 6577
  2. AQUA 1950 2521
  3. AQUA 3496 6380
  4. AQUA 4432 9585
  5. AQUA 5273 7365
  6. AQUA 6329 0556
  7. AQUA 7110 3379
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Next jackpot £8,100,000* Double Rollover

Plus 150 raffle prizes of £20,000

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    Choose Lotto draws

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    Number of weeks

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    Enter your numbers

    Choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49 and type them in, tabbing from one box to the next.

    Lucky Dip

    If you don't have a set of numbers in mind, select 'Lucky Dip' and a line of numbers will be generated randomly (indicated by 'LD' on your play slip). Your numbers won't be displayed until you have bought your ticket. If you've selected to play for multiple draws the same Lucky Dip numbers will be entered in to each draw.


    If you have incorrectly entered numbers or selected Lucky Dip in error on the play slip, select 'Clear' to delete the complete line and start again.

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    It costs £2.00 per line of numbers per draw to play.

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  • What is 'Play my last numbers'?

    There's no need to re-enter your favourite numbers - we'll remember the last Lotto numbers you played online so that you don't have to. This does not include Lotto raffle numbers, which are randomly generated when you purchase your ticket. For each line of Lucky Dip® you last played, a new line of Lucky Dip® will be generated for you. Click the link and sign in to your Account if you are not already signed in.

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  • What is 'Play my saved numbers'?

    When you buy Multiple Tickets using the 'Add more lines of numbers' option, you can save your numbers and play them whenever you choose. Lotto raffle numbers are randomly generated when you purchase your ticket and cannot be saved. For each line of Lucky Dip® you saved, a new line of Lucky Dip® will be generated for you. Click the link and sign in to your Account if you are not already signed in.

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£2.00 per play

Estimated jackpot for Sat 23 Aug 2014 is:

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