Couple collect £100,000 with Monopoly

Kimberleigh Aby and husband with giant cheque

Scratchcard winners' Billingham

An impromptu visit to the local supermarket for a quick bag of pick 'n' mix has left one lucky Billingham couple £100,000 richer, after they scooped the top prize on a National Lottery £100,000 Monopoly Scratchcard.

Kimberleigh Aby and her husband, Dean, couldn't believe their luck when The National Lottery £100,000 Monopoly Scratchcard they'd bought on Friday, 14 March, revealed they'd won the life-changing six-figure sum.

Kimberleigh, who is a fish and chip shop manager, said: "We bought the Scratchcard on Friday teatime following a family day out to Whitby. We had planned to go to my sister-in-law's for a cuppa but had some time to spare, so we stopped at the local Tesco store as we wanted to buy some pick 'n' mix to have later as we planned on watching a DVD.

"My husband, Dean, decided that he would buy a EuroMillions ticket and so I asked him to buy me a Monopoly Scratchcard at the same time.

"When we arrived back at the car I scratched off the symbols. I didn't win on the first or second game, but as I scratched off the third game, I couldn't believe my eyes as it revealed that I'd won £100,000. I kept re-reading the rules as I was convinced I'd made a mistake. I was still in total disbelief when Dean grabbed the card and ran back in to the store to get the staff to check if I'd won," explained Kimberleigh.

The couple, who have a young daughter, were married last year and have put buying the house they currently rent from Kimberleigh's parents at the top of their shopping list – followed by a big shopping trip.

Concluding, Kimberleigh said: "For the first time in my life I can go shopping without checking the price tags. The win is truly life changing for us, as it means security for life. We'll not only be mortgage free, but can comfortably pay all our bills and still have money left over each month. At 26 years old I never thought I'd be able to say that!"

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