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The game with a X1000 multiplier!

  • Hit the spin button to generate coordinates
  • Collect 10 coloured tiles of one type to win
  • Reveal a multiplier tile to unlock the prize multiplier
  • You could multiply your prize by up to 1000!
  • Win anything from £2 up to £100,000

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Game Procedures including how to play

Game Name: Money Multiplier


These are the Game Procedures (the “Procedures”) for Money Multiplier (the “Game”). When You play the Game, these Procedures, the Rules for Interactive Instant Win Games ("the Rules") and the Account Terms apply. The Rules and Account Terms can be found on the National Lottery website.

Any word or term in these Procedures that has specific meaning will have the meaning given to it in these Procedures or the Rules (unless the context clearly indicates otherwise).


Game Name: Money Multiplier

Game Price: £2.00

There is a 1 in 2.97 overall chance of winning a Prize on each Play of the Game. The expected prize payout percentage for this game is 70.00%.

This Game is a game of chance. The outcome of a Play in the Game is pre-determined by Allwyn's Computer System at the point of purchase. You are not required to exercise any skill or judgement to win a Prize.


Each Play has its own Play Number - this can be found on the Game outcome screen once the Game has been finished, in the “My Games” section of Your Account.

At the start of a Play, You will be presented with a splash screen displaying the Game name, the message: 'WIN UP TO £100,000' and a 'PLAY' button. You must select the 'PLAY' button to continue.

On doing so, you will be presented with an instructions box that contains the following instructions:




In the top right hand corner of the instructions box is a blue circle with white cross close button motif which You must select to close the instructions box. On doing so, You will be presented with the Game Play Screen. The Game Play Screen consists of an eight by eight grid (the “Grid”) displaying a total of sixty-four tiles, each of which will contain one of the following symbols: green diamond, blue pentagon, pink square, yellow triangle, orange circle, green x, blue x, pink x, yellow x, orange x (the “Game Tiles”, each a “Game Tile").

On the left side of the Grid, each row displays a number from 1-8 from bottom to top. Along the bottom of the Grid, each column displays a letter from A-H from left to right.

To the left of the Grid is a panel displaying three boxes, which at the start of Your Play will each contain two coordinates box motifs (the “Coordinates Boxes”, each a “Coordinates Box”). Below the Coordinates Boxes is a 'SPIN' button, which at the start of Your play will display '0/3' (the “Spin Button”).

To the right of the Grid is a panel labelled 'MULTIPLIER'. Below the word 'MULTIPLIER' is a semi-circle split into five segments and each segment displays one of the following multiplier amounts in the following order from left to right: 'X2', 'X10', 'X1000', 'X5', 'X100' (the “Multiplier Indicator”).

Below the Multiplier Indicator is a table labelled 'PRIZES' (the “Prize Table”). The Prize Table consists of five rows, each of which displays a representation of a Game Tile, ten unfilled circles and a prize amount.

To start Your Play, You must select the Spin Button. On doing so, the numbers displayed on the Spin Button will change to '1/3' and a set of coordinates will be generated and displayed in each Coordinate Box. These generated coordinates will then animate one by one to show the corresponding coordinate position on the Grid. The Game Tile positioned at each coordinate on the Grid will then highlight. Any Game Tiles of the same colour that are connected in a chain to that selected Game Tile will also highlight. Game Tiles are 'connected' if they are next to, above or below each other. All of these connected Game Tiles will then highlight as a cluster to indicate that You have collected those Game Tiles. The number of Game Tiles You have collected will then populate the same number of circles in the corresponding row in the Prize Table. If the Game Tile selected by the Coordinates Boxes is not connected to any Game Tiles of the same colour, that highlighted Game Tile will populate just one of the circles next to the matching Prize Symbol on the Prize Table.

The remaining Game Tiles on the Grid will move down the relevant column(s) in the Grid to fill any empty spaces and the empty spaces left at the top of the column, if any, will be replaced with new Game Tiles.

You must continue selecting the Spin Button until it becomes faded and reads '3/3' to indicate that You have used all three spins.

If, during Your Play, You collect either a green x, blue x, pink x, yellow x or orange x (the “Multiplier Game Tiles”, each a “Multiplier Game Tile”), that collected Multiplier Game Tile will animate. Each segment in the Multiplier Indicator will then begin to flash until coming to a stop on one of the segments, which will remain highlighted. A message will then appear confirming that You have achieved the multiplier amount contained within the highlighted segment of the Multiplier Indicator. Any prizes won will be multiplied by this multiplier amount at the end of the Your Play of the Game.

When You return to the Main Game Play Screen, the following Multiplier Game Tiles will no longer appear on the Grid indicating that You have unlocked a multiplier and cannot unlock any further multipliers. Any empty spaces created in the Grid with the removal of these symbols will be replaced with new Game Tiles.

If, during Your Play, You populate all ten circles for a row in the Prize Table, the prize amount for that row will highlight in its corresponding colour to indicate that You have won that prize amount.

Your Play ends when You have used all three spins and the Spin Button displays '3/3'. An end message will then appear confirming the total amount You have won, if any, and a 'FINISH' button will be displayed. You must select 'FINISH' button to complete Your Play of the Game.

If You have bought a Play of this Game and have collected ten Game Tiles of the same colour and populated all ten circles in a row in the Prize Table, You will, providing the requirements of these Procedures and the Rules are met, be entitled to a Prize as detailed in the table below:


The Prize amounts and odds of winning are set out in the table below:

Prize Amounts and Odds
Prize Amount Approx. odds (1 in x)
£2 5
£4 (£2 MULT2) 16
£5 31
£10 (£2 MULT5) 76
£10 (£5 MULT2) 76
£20 202
£20 (£2 MULT10) 202
£25 (£5 MULT5) 1,601
£40 (£20 MULT2) 11,016
£50 26,126
£50 (£5 MULT10) 26,126
£100 356,429
£100 (£20 MULT5) 50,405
£100 (£50 MULT2) 50,405
£200 (£2 MULT100) 207,917
£200 (£20 MULT10) 207,917
£200 (£100 MULT2) 207,917
£250 (£50 MULT5) 262,632
£500 (£5 MULT100) 998,000
£500 (£50 MULT10) 998,000
£500 (£100 MULT5) 998,000
£1,000 (£100 MULT10) 554,445
£2,000 (£2 MULT1000) 1,247,500
£2,000 (£20 MULT100) 1,247,500
£5,000 (£5 MULT1000) 1,663,334
£5,000 (£50 MULT100) 2,495,000
£10,000 (£100 MULT100) 1,247,500
£20,000 (£20 MULT1000) 1,663,334
£50,000 (£50 MULT1000) 2,495,000
£100,000 (£100 MULT1000) 4,990,000

You can only win one Prize Amount per Play, as detailed in the Prize Amounts and Odds table above.


If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Rules, these Procedures - Money Multiplier and any other information issued by Allwyn in respect of this Game, the Rules will take priority followed by these Procedures and then any other information issued by Allwyn (unless stated otherwise).

These are games of chance. Whether you win or lose is set the moment you buy – although you can still cross your fingers.

Remember, you must be a UK or Isle of Man resident to play online, and must only access your Account when physically located in the UK or Isle of Man.

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