Piñata Prizes

Win up to £1,000

£0.50 per play | Odds: 1 in 3.61

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Get your fingers ready for a race against the clock! Empty the Piñata as quickly as you can. Just hit the Piñata to reveal your symbols. Match 3 identical symbols and you could win up to £1,000. Play this fun-filled classic for only 50p.

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Game Procedures including how to play

Game Name: Piñata Prizes


These are the Game Procedures (the “Procedures”) for Piñata Prizes (the “Game”). When You play the Game, these Procedures, and the Rules for Interactive Instant Win Games ("the Rules") apply. All of these documents can be found on the National Lottery website.

If You buy a Play through Your Account, the Account Terms apply in addition to the documents mentioned above, and if You buy a Play with Your Pingit Account, the Pingit User Account Terms apply in addition to those documents.

Any word or term in these Procedures that has specific meaning will have the meaning given to it in these Procedures or the Rules (unless the context clearly indicates otherwise).

Game details

Game Name: Piñata Prizes

Game Price: £0.50

There is a 1 in 3.61 overall chance of winning a Prize on each Play of the Game. The expected prize payout percentage for this game is 62.00%.

This Game is a game of chance. The outcome of a Play in the Game is pre-determined by Camelot's Computer System at the point of purchase. You are not required to exercise any skill or judgement to win a Prize.

How to play and win

Each Play has its own Play Number - this can be found on the Game outcome screen once the Game has been finished, in the “My Games” section of Your Account if You bought the Play via Your Account, and in the confirmation email sent to You if You bought the Play via Pingit.

At the start of a Play, You are presented with a Game Play Window displaying the instructions: 'Click on the Piñata to hit and release the symbols. Collect 3 matching symbols to win the PRIZE shown for that symbol in the PRIZE table. Race against the timer to empty the Piñata as quickly as possible. Don't worry you don't have to be Piñatatastic to win on this game!' and a PLAY button. To start a Play, click on the 'PLAY' button. If You don't click the PLAY button for a period of time, it will pulse and animate to prompt you to do so.

Once You have clicked the PLAY button, the overlay screen with the instructions will disappear revealing the Game Play Window, which will display the donkey shaped piñata (the 'Piñata') dangling on a rope in the middle of the Game Play Window. On the left of the Game Play Window is a table with 9 rows (the 'Prize Table'), each row displaying three blue impressions of the same symbol and a prize amount (a 'Prize'). On the right of the Game Play Window is a timer which counts down 30 seconds starting when You first click on the Piñata, and in the top right of the Game Play Window is an 'i' button. You will be able to view the instructions for the Game by hovering your mouse over the 'i' button at any point during Your Play; doing so will pause the timer. The instruction 'CLICK HERE' with an animating arrow will prompt You to click on the Piñata to begin the Game and start the timer.

To play the Game, You must keep clicking on the Piñata. As you do, it will animate and swing from side to side and any of the following symbols will be released: a sun, a pair of maracas, a red chilli, a guitar, a sombrero, a mask, a crocodile, a moustache and a taco. You must continue to click the Piñata until 12 symbols have been released and have populated the Prize Table and the Piñata falls apart or until the 30 second timer stops. If You do not reveal 12 symbols in 30 seconds, the symbols will automatically reveal and populate the Prize Table.

The Game ends when all 12 symbols have been released from the Piñata and they have populated in the Prize Table. If You have matched three identical symbols (as shown in the Prize Table), You will be entitled to the Prize shown on the right of that group of symbols in the Prize Table. Any winning symbols and Prize amounts will pulse and animate gold to indicate a win. A 'FINISH' message will appear on the screen displaying the amount You have won, if any. You will also be given a trophy rating for the speed of Your performance; this is just for fun and will not affect the predetermined outcome of the Game.

If You have bought a Play of this Game and have matched three identical symbols in the Prize Table, You will, providing the requirements of these Rules and the Procedures are met, be entitled to a Prize.


The Prize amounts and odds of winning are set out in the table below:
Prize Amounts and Odds
Prize Amount Approx. odds (1 in x)
£0.50 6
£1 15
£2 36
£5 100
£10 200
£20 11,539
£50 214,286
£100 500,000
£1,000 1,500,000

You can only win one Prize Amount per Play, as detailed in the Prize Amounts and Odds table above.


If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these Procedures - Piñata Prizes and any other information issued by Camelot in respect of this Game, these Procedures will take priority (unless Camelot states otherwise).

These are games of chance. Whether you win or lose is set the moment you buy – although you can still cross your fingers.

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