Players' Guide - Version 22

Ways to play

Fast Pay

Your lottery Tickets faster

There's another way to buy your Draw-based game Tickets in-store. You can save your lucky numbers on a handy wallet-sized card – there's no need to fill in a play slip each week.

You can pick up your National Lottery Fast Pay card, and use it, at any Retailer that sells Draw-based game Tickets.

What is a National Lottery Fast Pay card?

A National Lottery Fast Pay card stores your lucky numbers or Draw preferences, and is the quick and easy way to buy your Ticket for Draw-based games. It works the same way as a play slip which means it is not a Ticket or a proof of purchase.

How can I get a Fast Pay card?

You can get a Fast Pay card at any Retailer that sells Draw-based game Tickets. Simply fill in a play slip in the usual way, hand it to the Retailer and ask for a National Lottery Fast Pay card. Alternatively, tell the Retailer which games and days you want to play, and the numbers you would like to play (whether they're your own regular numbers or Lucky Dip®) and ask for a Fast Pay card.

Where can I use my Fast Pay card?

Once you have your Fast Pay card, you will be able to use it to play your favourite games at any Retailer that sells Draw-based game Tickets. If you are using your Fast Pay card at a Till-point Terminal, just give your Fast Pay card to the cashier and the cost of your Tickets will be added to the rest of your shopping bill.

How do I check that my Fast Pay card is valid?

When you receive your Fast Pay card, you are responsible for checking that the game, numbers, day and number of weeks you want to play using your Fast Pay card match your choices, and that the barcode and barcode number are clearly visible.

Play by Direct Debit online

If you'd like to play Lotto, EuroMillions or Thunderball every week, why not play by Direct Debit online? Just choose your numbers and we'll do all the hard work for you. We'll automatically enter your numbers into your chosen Draws, check your numbers and even let you know when you've won. You pay for your tickets by monthly Direct Debit and we can pay any winnings up to and including £50,000 straight into your bank account. For winnings of more than £50,000 we'll be in touch to let you know how to claim your Prize. You can set up your Direct Debit here.

Syndicates (playing in a group)

To increase your chances of winning, you and your friends and family can play National Lottery games as part of a syndicate. It is sensible to have a written syndicate agreement in place as you may be taxed on your winnings if you don't. Guidelines on how to set up and run a syndicate can be found online on the Syndicates page.

For more information on other ways to play, email or call The National Lottery Line on 0845 9 100 000.

Players’ Guide version 22. Last updated: 30th December 2014.

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