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About Monopoly

When you think of board games, what is the first one that springs to mind? The answer is most likely MONOPOLY. This classic board game has been providing family entertainment for over 75 years. It is actually American in origin and since the MONOPOLY game was patented in 1935, 750 million people have played the game, making it the most played board game in the world.

Since the 1935 original, there have been numerous variations of the MONOPOLY game and now you can even play MONOPOLY online. Like conventional MONOPOLY, online MONOPOLY uses the same famous playing pieces including the dog and the car, as well as Chance, Community Chest and Free Parking. Unlike traditional MONOPOLY games however, the MONOPOLY game online gives you instant real-money prizes for landing on these squares.

If you are new to online gaming and Instant Win games, then play MONOPOLY to get you started. The familiar format will not only make playing easier and more fun, but it will arouse pleasant childhood memories of playing with friends or siblings for hours when it was raining outside, or there was nothing on TV.

The greater appeal of MONOPOLY online however, is the real money winnings. You can win thousands of pounds with very favourable odds. You can also play mini games as you work your way around the board giving you even more chances to win instantly.

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