Life changing

500,000 projects means you’ve plenty to be proud of

A big, big thank you for playing The National Lottery. In doing so, you’ve helped support an incredible half a million projects across the UK. The stats are mind-boggling:

58,500 veterans supported who served their country.

4,500 athletes, including our Olympic and Paralympic medal-winners.

27,000 educational projects.

300,000 community projects.

£30 million raised every week for National Lottery good causes.

You can feel proud that you’ve helped make the nation a better place to live.

By playing The National Lottery, you’ve supported projects big and small across the country – from iconic buildings like Wembley to thousands of local projects where a comparatively small grant has made a huge difference.

Every time you play The National Lottery you are helping to contribute to the £30 million that is given to amazing causes every week. Arthur Ward, from the National Trust Giant Causeway Visitor Centre sums it up:

“I’m working in a role that would not have existed if it hadn’t been for The National Lottery. The ripple effect into the community is very, very positive. It’s life changing.”

Over the last 24 years we’ve created over 5,350 millionaires and funded more than 565,000 National Lottery projects - discover more life-changing stories.

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