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Danny Boyle invites you to commemorate WWI

Filmmaker Danny Boyle invites you to join him in on beaches across the UK to mark the centenary of Armistice Day. With support from National Lottery funding, Pages of the Sea is a project commissioned by 14-18 NOW which will see Britain's WWI heroes celebrated and remembered.

On 11th November 2018, the public is invited to gather on one of 30 beaches at low tide across the UK for an informal, nationwide, community-led event as a gesture of remembrance for the men and women who left their home shores to serve during the First World War, leaving from beaches around the UK.

A large-scale portrait of a casualty from the First World War will be drawn into the sand at each location and washed away as the tide comes in. In addition, the public will be asked to join in by creating silhouettes of people in the sand, remembering the millions of lives lost or changed forever by the conflict.

Can’t join them on the beaches?

Millions left their shores during the First World War. Some were from your community, some may have shared your name. Visit to discover Britain's WWI heroes.

10th October 2018

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