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£4Million Scratchcard win for Hull cabbie

A taxi driver and campaigner for transgender rights from Hull is celebrating today after scooping a top prize of £4,000,000 on the £4 Million Blue scratchcard from The National Lottery.

Melissa Ede, 57, was on her way to work for a shift in her taxi on a Saturday night when she stopped for petrol. She said as she walked up to the cashier to pay, the £4 Million Blue scratchcard caught her eye.

“I had filled up with fuel and received £12 change. The £10 scratchcard just caught my eye so with the money that I had left in my hand I bought one. I just thought if I can win £100 this will be great, I could have my first New Year’s off in 25 years.”

As she started to scratch the card in her car she quickly discovered that she was now actually £4 million richer.


Melissa immediately ran back into the garage shouting “You’ve just given me £4 million. 2018 is going to be the best year ever.”

Handing her notice in at work, she had her first New Year’s off in 25 years, and celebrated with a bottle of champagne she had been keeping for a special occasion.

“It is just unbelievable. This is something that only ever happens to other people. Everyone dreams of winning the lottery but you never think it is going to happen to you but now it has, it’s the most amazing feeling ever.”

Taxi driver scoops £4M on National Lottery Scratchcard

Life Changing

Melissa plans to buy a home of her own after spending years lodging. A new car is also in her spending plans as well as writing her autobiography, as the win has now bought her additional time.

“The transgender fight to where I am now has been a very difficult path. I received my operation almost seven years ago and I am really proud of who I am today. I now want to help others in similar situations and believe my autobiography will do just this. What a fairy tale ending. It is all just like a dream.”

5th January 2018

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