David and Shelley celebrate £1Million win

David, 61, and Shelley Adams, 52, from Chipping Norton are celebrating after an amazing £1,000,000 Lotto win on Saturday 1st August.

The couple have had a challenging time recently, with Shelley being diagnosed with MS last year and the tragic loss of two family members. But they have tried to keep smiling throughout, and their £1Million win will no doubt help those smiles continue.

David and Shelley found out about their win in the small hours of Sunday morning. Shelley said, “David plays online from time to time, always using two lines of numbers which are important to us.

“On Sunday morning, about 1.30am, David came into our bedroom saying ‘are you awake?’, to which I pretty grumpily replied ‘well I am now’! But as he switched on the light I could see he was shaking so my grumpiness turned to worry as I asked him what was up, whereupon he told me we’d won the lottery. I was furious, I thought he meant a tenner!”

When a bleary-eyed Shelley looked at the phone David was holding in his shaking hand, she saw an array of noughts and it started to dawn on her that maybe they had won big. Grabbing David’s phone she burst into her son’s bedroom to ask him to check.

Shelley said, “The poor man, he was meant to be up at 6am to get to work and there I am, waving a phone in his face and telling him we’ve won £1Million. Needless to say none of us slept well the rest of the night and we were relieved to confirm the win with Camelot in the morning.”

David and Shelley have been cautious in their celebrations but are slowly coming to terms with the magnitude of their win. David said, “We’ve always worked hard and know the value of money but this is a number far beyond anything we could ever comprehend.

“We are not going to rush any of our decisions and will take things slowly but there are a few plans for our winnings. Firstly a new car is on the cards, a Nissan Qashqai is top of the list, although as I currently drive a Ford Mondeo which has always seen me right, I might take a little browse around the Ford dealership too.”

And their win will take them to see family in Canada, once it’s safe to travel. Shelley said, “We have friends and family in Canada who we thought we would only ever see online, certainly never in person. I’ve never even been on a plane or left the country before, it’s crazy to think the first time I do it will be First Class all the way!”

11th August 2020

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