Firefighter Craig has big plans for scorching £200Thousand win

Craig Titchener, a firefighter at Heathrow Airport, plans to use his £200,000 win to help his family move into a new home with more room and a garden for his two sons.

Enjoying some time at home with his youngest son, Craig decided that they needed some fresh air, bread and milk. While out he decided to buy a couple of scratchcards, including Winter Wonderlines 2019.

Craig said, “It was a pretty miserable day so we headed straight home and I played the scratchcard. It wasn’t looking like a winner until the very last game where suddenly all the symbols matched and I saw the £200Thousand prize.”

He kept checking the card and eventually texted his partner of 11 years, Natasha, telling her that she needed to call immediately. She did, thinking that there was a disaster but was greeted with much better news.

The win will help the couple with a deposit on a larger house. Craig is also planning some other things with the money. He said, “We will buy a new car, I’m not sure what exactly but we’ll have a little browse around some of the local garages to see what takes our fancy.”

As Craig and Natasha both work at Heathrow he pointed out that “it’d be rude if we didn’t take a holiday! We’ve done a few short haul trips with the boys but it would be amazing to go back to the Caribbean with them.”

28th November 2019

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