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Thunderball makes two ‘happy campers’

A Welsh couple will quit their jobs and go wherever their hearts desire after winning the Thunderball top prize of £500,000.

Colin and Alison Wright are looking forward to an adventurous retirement touring the country in a brand new motorhome.

Alison said, “We have always dreamt of owning a caravan or motorhome and we’re now in the process of buying a beautiful one. We did wait until the money was in the bank though before we put the deposit down.

“After we’ve officially retired, we’ll be travelling the UK – Colin has always wanted to explore Scotland.”

Fast-lane to freedom

Colin, 63, who has worked for a facilities management company in Rogerstone for 11 years and Alison, 60, who has worked as a nursey nurse in a local school for the past 25 years, can now pay off their mortgage and enjoy an early and spontaneous retirement.

Alison said, “Working in a school, we’ve only ever been able to get away during school holidays, so it will be so nice to just go where we want, when we want.”

Thunderball makes two ‘happy campers’

Thunder down under

The Thunderball windfall will also take the couple on a holiday overseas to sunny Australia, where Alison will be reunited with an old friend.

“I lost touch with my best friend twenty years ago after she moved there, but we found each other through Facebook not so long ago and we talk to each other on the phone all the time now.

“If it were up to me, we’d go tomorrow, but she’s advised us to wait until their summer starts, so we’ll probably go towards the end of the year.”

Home is where the heart is

Colin and Alison have three children, Sam, Kate and Casey and four grandchildren. With Casey living in Nottingham, Alison says the win will mean they can see more of their family.

“Sam and Kate live close by and we visit Casey and her family as much as we can, normally staying in a caravan nearby. When we have the motorhome, we’ll be able to visit more often and stay for longer. This win will bring our family closer together.”

23rd February 2018

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