Lotto extra chance winners

During April, May and June we created an extra chance to win cash prizes with Lotto

The lucky winners below have scooped an extra cash prize

Winners will only published on The National Lottery website once they have been contacted and validated.

Monday 11th April draw - £20,000

Miss D. Porteous from Cambridgeshire

Mr J. Ovenden from Wiltshire

Mr J. Clay from Gwynedd

Mr K. Watson from Middlesex

Mr K. Foy from Cheshire

Mr M. Ottley from East Sussex

Mr J. Bradley from Lancashire

Mr S. Grey from Worcestershire

Mr C. Morton from County Durham

Monday 18th April draw - £20,000

Mrs A. Phillips from Hampshire

Mrs J. Page from Norfolk

Mrs J. Richards from Essex

Mr A. Rathie from West Lothian

Mr B. Elvidge from West Yorkshire

Mr P. Macfarlane from Somerset

Mr N. Dean from Wiltshire

Mrs D. Caulfield from Cheshire

Mrs A. Laurie from Ayrshire

Mrs D Butcher from Lancashire

Monday 25th April draw - £20,000

Mrs C. Armitstead from Cheshire

Mr D. Cox from Renfrewshire

Mr C. Ross, Lowlands

Mrs E. Lovell from Lincolnshire

Mrs N. Gibbs from East Anglia

Mr L. Hobson from Hertfordshire

Mrs H. Speke from Cheshire

Mr I. Jamieson from Essex

Mrs I. Richardson from North Yorkshire

Mr M. Skowron from West Midlands

Tuesday 3rd May draw - £20,000

Mr S. O’Donnell from Northamptonshire

Mr C. Arkell from West Sussex

Mrs D. Pinnock from Greater Manchester

Mrs H. Chamberlain from Dundee

Mr T. Cross from Nottinghamshire

Mr C. Husband from Lincolnshire

Mr S. Bills from West Midlands

Mrs J. Partridge from Kent

Mr M. White from Warwickshire

Mrs J. Wolfe from London

Monday 9th May draw - £20,000

Mr G. Kaskatiyski from Middlesex

Mr G. Fraser from West Yorkshire

Mrs C. McAllister from Tyne and Wear

Mr M. Toye from Glasgow

Mr C. Saunders from Worcestershire

Miss H. Burke from Greater London

Mr T. Ellis from East Sussex

Mr N. Ionita from West Midlands

Mr G. Elliott from Gloucestershire

Mrs D W from Hertfordshire

Monday 16th May draw - £20,000

Mr D. Bradley from South Yorkshire

Mr G. Morrish from Essex

Mr N. Messenger from South Yorkshire

Mr R. Mowthorpe from Greater London

Mr S. Snowden from West Yorkshire

Mr I. Osler from Berkshire

Miss C. Russell from Clackmannanshire

Mrs J. Pemberton from Sunderland

Mr C. Dixon from Kent

Monday 23rd May draw - £20,000

Mr M. Brooks from Greater London

Mr C. Gravett from Bedfordshire

Mr R. Johnson from Staffordshire

Mr A. Mackrell from Lancashire

Mrs J. Reeve from Cambridgeshire

Mr C. Manton from Nottinghamshire

Mrs J. Maybury from Devon

Mr J. Higgins from Greater London

Mr D. Llewellyn from South Glamorgan

Ms E. Akinci from Greater London

Tuesday 31st May draw - £20,000

Mr T. Baker from London

Mr Z. Velykovits from London

Mr L. Manser from Kent

Mr E. Gouldesbrough from London

Mr P. Holloway from Surrey

Mr J. Hunt from Co. Antrim

Mrs K. Awcock from West Sussex

Mr G. Ribbons from Surrey

Ms M. Gentles from London

Mr K. Aylward from Kent

Monday 4th July draw - £1Million

Entrants must have purchased a Lotto Ticket for any of the National Lottery Lotto draws which took place between Wednesday 1st June to Wednesday 29th June 2016

Congratulations to Mr J Williams of Swansea who won the £1Million draw, woohoo!

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