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Take your chances with a Lucky Dip to play randomly selected numbers OR

ClickTap to enter your own 5 numbers plus 2 Lucky Stars.

More lines and playslips will be automatically added as you fill them up, for those who want to play more.

Now choose which draw days you want to play.

Select '01' for this week's draw! You can also choose to play for up to 4 weeks or play by Direct Debit so you never miss a draw.

After you hit play, you'll be asked to sign in before confirming your selection. Then you're good to go.

EuroMillions is available to play from around 8am. If you've got a moment, take a look at the life-changing difference lottery funding, and winning huge prizes, is making across the UK.

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Number of matches Prize
5 Main Numbers Plus 2 Lucky Stars Jackpot *
5 main numbers Plus 1 Lucky Star £130,554.30
5 Main Numbers £13,561.20
4 Main Numbers Plus 2 Lucky Stars £844.70
4 Main Numbers Plus 1 Lucky Star £77.80
3 Main Numbers Plus 2 Lucky Stars £37.30
4 Main Numbers £25.60
2 Main Numbers Plus 2 Lucky Stars £9.10
3 Main Numbers Plus 1 Lucky Star £7.30
3 Main Numbers £6.00
1 Main Number Plus 2 Lucky Stars £4.30
2 Main Numbers Plus 1 Lucky Star £3.60
2 Main Numbers £2.50
UK Millionaire Maker Guaranteed Prize £1,000,000

Estimated prizes reviewed on 30th April 2020. Actual prizes will vary each draw, depending on currency exchange rates, how many tickets are sold and how many entries match the same numbers. If there are more winners than expected in a prize category, the prize for that category may be less than the estimated prize and/or less than the prize in a lower prize category.

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