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Top questions

  1. Why have I seen a duplicate animation on an Instant Win Game?

    Once an Instant Win Game is purchased, a unique ticket number is produced, along with a randomly allocated animation. This animation matches a pre-determined outcome for the game. When a game outcome and animation is displayed for an Instant Win Game, it is not removed from the range of animations, and is still available to be selected again.

    We create a variety of animations for each prize tier and therefore the likelihood of playing the same animation in succession is very low. It is, however, still possible because of the random nature of the random ticket generator.

    We do not record the animations that you have previously seen, as this would not make the selection truly random.

  2. What is the correct procedure to delete or edit my play slips (Direct Debit)?

    To delete an old Direct Debit play slip, please follow the instructions below:
    • Sign in to your National Lottery account.
    • Select ‘My account’.
    • Select 'Funds & payments'.
    • Select ‘Direct Debit details'.
    • Select the relevant play slip that you no longer wish to play.
    • Select ‘Delete’ to delete that play slip.

    The current/old play slip will then run until the end of the payment month. If you would like the changes to start from the beginning of the next period, you will need to update your Account at least four working days prior to your collection date.

    Once you have deleted your old play slip, you can then add a new play slip to your Direct Debit subscription by selecting your preferred game from the top menu on our website.

  3. How do I amend my Direct Debit play slips?

    If you'd like to change your numbers, draw days, add or remove lines once your Direct Debit has been set up, just delete your play slip and create a new one. The deleted play slip will still run until the end of the payment month, at which point your new play slip will take over without you missing any draws.
  4. Why can’t I change my debit card?

    Sorry, you’re unable to change your debit card if:
    • You have tickets still yet to be entered into draws.
    • You have an unfinished Instant Win Game.
    • You have an unclaimed prize waiting to be paid to your card.
    • You recently changed your debit card.
    Please wait for your tickets to be entered, finish your game or claim your prize before changing your card. If you recently changed your card, and want to change it again, please try again later.
  5. Why can’t I finish my Instant Win Game?

    Unfortunately, there’s probably an issue with your browser or the device you’re playing on. Sorry, but for the complete game experience, Instant Win Games only work on Apple and Android devices using the following browsers:

    Apple devices using iOS 6.1.3 and above, with a Safari or Chrome browser. (iPhone 4 is not supported.)

    Android devices using Android 4.0 and above, with a Chrome browser.

    If your device doesn’t meet the above system requirements you won't be able to get the full viewing experience. You can still buy the game and see the result but unfortunately, without the game play.

  6. Do you check my tickets?

    Yes, we certainly do if you play online. We check all your numbers including any raffle numbers. What’s more, we let you know by email every time you win.
  7. How do I claim my prize?

    Won a prize? Congratulations! Whether you played online or in-store, all the details can be found on our How to claim page.
  8. I’ve just opened an account. How do I buy tickets?

    First of all, welcome to The National Lottery. In order to now buy tickets for our games, simply follow these steps:
    1. Sign in to your account.
    2. Choose your game from the 'Play Games' menu.
    3. Choose your numbers, draws and weeks on the play slip.
    4. Or, opt for a Lucky Dip random number selection.
    5. Once you have made your selections, choose ‘Play’ and you will then need to check and confirm the details to buy your ticket. The ticket amount will be taken from your account balance and you’ll be sent a confirmation email with your ticket details.
  9. Can I play if I’m not in the UK or Isle of Man?

    You are not permitted to purchase entries into National Lottery games whilst situated outside of the UK or IOM. Subject to the residency requirement, entries into games you purchased before leaving the UK or IOM will not be affected, however you will not be entitled to claim any prizes associated with entries purchased whilst you are outside the UK or IOM.

    If you set up a Direct Debit before leaving the UK and are still a UK or IOM resident these tickets will still be valid.

    If you are not a resident of the UK or IOM, you are not eligible to play The National Lottery on-line or on the app, even when you are visiting the UK or IOM. The National Lottery website uses Experian to perform an E-identity check to ensure players are UK or IOM residents. You can however play in store at one of our retail outlets, although in the event of winning a prize you will be required to return to the UK to claim.

    We determine residency by considering whether someone has been physically located in the UK or IOM for more than 183 days in the previous 12 months.

Our registration details: Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, Registered office: Tolpits Lane, Watford, Herts WD18 9RN, Registered in England and Wales No. 2822203

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