Rules for Draw-Based Games Played at Retailers

Edition 20 (effective 1st February 2024)

Important Information

These Rules for Draw-Based Games Played at Retailers (the “Rules”) contain contractual terms and conditions which are binding on You. Please read them carefully.

Your attention is specifically drawn to the following:

  • – You can only buy a Ticket from Allwyn’s authorised Retailers (see Rule 1.1).
  • – Your Selection will only be valid if it is recorded on Allwyn’s Computer System (see Rule 1.2). Further, Allwyn is entitled to declare an Entry invalid (and, if it does so, will not be liable to pay a Prize) if the Entry is not entered into the Draw, or if the Draw is conducted without taking the Entry into account (see Rule 8.3(f)).
  • – A Prize will not be paid to You unless and until the relevant Entry has been validated by Allwyn in line with Rule 8.
  • – These Rules contain terms which limit or exclude Allwyn’s liability to You, including its liability to pay a Prize to You, in specified circumstances (see Rule 17).
  • – In certain situations, Allwyn may be required to make decisions which affect You, including whether or not to pay a Prize to You. Provided these decisions are made reasonably by Allwyn, they will be final and binding on You (see Rule 18.1).
The application of these Rules

These Rules apply when You play any Draw-Based Game at Retailers. Each Draw-Based Game also has its own Game Procedures that apply, and certain Draw-Based Games may also have their own Game Specific Rules that apply from time to time.

You can view all National Lottery Rules and Procedures for Draw-Based Games at Retailers, or on the National Lottery website at You can also get copies of these documents by calling the National Lottery Line on 0333 234 50 50 (please see the Telephone Enquiries section for call charges) or by writing to The National Lottery, PO Box 251, Watford WD18 9BR.

If You are playing draw-based games online (including by direct debit set up online), the Rules for Draw-Based Games Played Online apply.

All words and phrases in these Rules that begin with a capital letter and have specific meaning are explained below or in Rule 21.


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