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EuroMillions HotPicks® – Bigger prizes for matching fewer EuroMillions numbers

Pick and match up to 5 main numbers every Tuesday and Friday. You must match all selected numbers to win. For example, pick and match 3 numbers to win £1,5001.

  • Choose a day to play
  • Choose how many weeks to play for
  • Choose how many numbers you want to match 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
  • Choose your HotPicks numbers from 1-50
  • Or Lucky Dip® it
  • Then take it to the counter. Simple.

You can play up to 4 weeks in advance.

1Subject to capping.

What can I win?

What can I win?
Game Match Winnings1
Pick 1 1 number £10
Pick 2 2 numbers £100
Pick 3 3 numbers £1,500
Pick 4 4 numbers £30,000
Pick 5 5 numbers £1,000,000

You're all set. Get playing.

1 Prizes are fixed, subject to capping. See EuroMillions Hotpicks Game Procedures (contained in this Players' Guide) for more information

EuroMillions HotPicks Retail Game Procedures

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