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Can I cancel my Ticket?

If there's a problem with your Ticket you need to return to the Retailer that you bought it from. They'll tell you if and how you can cancel it. You must do this within 2 hours of purchase, and before the store closes or stops selling Tickets for the Draw. If you cancel a Ticket issued by a Till-point Terminal, then you should be aware that some Till-point Terminals will also cancel all other Tickets purchased in the same transaction.

Lucky Dip Tickets can be cancelled if one or more lines are the same, but not if you simply don't like the numbers – fair's fair. There’s more info about cancellations in the Rules. A Lotto Match 2 Prize (Lotto Lucky Dip Ticket) cannot be cancelled.

What if I find a Ticket?

If it's still within the 180 day claim period and you can't return it to its owner, send it to us at Player Services Dept. The National Lottery, PO Box 287, Watford, WD18 9TT. If the owner doesn't come forward, you may (at our discretion) scoop the Prize.

Are winnings tax free?

You won't normally be liable for either UK Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax. However, if you win the top prize in Set For Life, a part of the monthly payment will be subject to income tax (although, based on tax rules and rates at the date this Players' Guide is printed, you will not receive less than £10,000 a month after tax, subject to capping). Syndicates may be liable for Inheritance Tax but no liability should arise provided you all enter into a written agreement first. Please bear in mind that HM Revenue and Customs (the taxman) practices may change. This answer is based on our understandings of the laws at March 2020.

Where does the money go?

A massive chunk obviously goes towards the great Prizes. But for every ticket sold, a hefty slice also goes to National Lottery Projects – from mending Scout huts to making Olympic Champions. Players like you actually raise an average of £30Million a week for these projects. See our website for more info.

How is this money spent locally?

12 specialist organisations make sure the money goes exactly where it's needed. So far that's over 565,000 projects averaging 200 for every postcode district. Right now you could be just a stone's throw from somewhere that's benefitted. See our website for more info.

What if I'm not happy about something?

We want to make sure you're happy. So if you're not, tell us on 0370 737 3983 (for the hard of hearing using Minicom call 0370 737 8249) or email

For details of our complaints procedure and what to do if you're still unhappy after our complaints process is complete, please see our website.

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