Players' Guide - Version 22

Frequently-asked questions

Can I cancel my Draw-based game Ticket after I've bought it?

If your Draw-based game Ticket has been issued in error or is unreadable or incomplete, you should return to the Retailer you bought the Ticket from, who will tell you whether you can cancel your Ticket and where to do so. This must be done within two hours from when you bought it, and before the Retailer or system closes for the night or for a Draw break. A Lucky Dip Ticket can be cancelled if one or more Lucky Dip lines on a Ticket are the same but can't be cancelled just because you do not like the numbers. Please be aware that if you want to cancel a Ticket issued by a Till-point Terminal, certain Till-point Terminals will also cancel all other Tickets purchased in the same transaction.

If Ticket sales for the relevant Draw-based games have closed, then any Tickets which have not been cancelled before that time will remain in the Draw as they cannot be cancelled. It will not be possible to cancel a Ticket if the 19-digit serial number displayed on your Ticket or shopping receipt cannot be found. More information about cancellations can be found in the Rules.

What if I find a ticket?

If you find a ticket before the 180-day claim period has ended that does not have the owner's name and address written on it and which you are unable to return to its rightful owner, send the ticket to Player Services Department, The National Lottery, PO Box 287, Watford, WD18 9TT. If the rightful owner of the ticket does not come forward and successfully claim the Prize within the 180-day claim period, you may, at Camelot's discretion, receive the Prize.

Are my winnings tax free?

National Lottery Prizes are not chargeable gains for the purposes of UK Capital Gains Tax and will not normally be assessed for UK Income Tax. If a Prize is won and shared by a syndicate who entered into a written agreement before the win, then syndicate members should not be liable to pay UK inheritance tax. However, please note that HM Revenue and Customs law and practice may change. The above comments are based on our understanding of HM Revenue and Customs law and practice as of April 2014.

Where does the money raised go?

Each time you play The National Lottery, you help National Lottery Projects. These cover the arts, charity/voluntary organisations, education, environment, health, heritage and sport – for more information on National Lottery Projects, call 08452 750 000 or visit As has always been the case, the total amount which Camelot delivers to National Lottery Projects depends on a number of variable factors, including the mix of games sold, the channels through which they are sold and the level of unclaimed prizes. Find out more about the proportion of National Lottery sales that goes to the National Lottery Projects, visit

How is this money spent locally?

The 12 lottery distribution bodies have made hundreds of thousands of individual awards since The National Lottery was launched in 1994. This should mean that organisations in your area have benefited. For up-to-date information on local organisations and projects, call 08452 275 000 or visit

Players’ Guide version 22. Last updated: 30th December 2014.

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