Players' Guide


Check with the app

Use the ticket-scanning feature on our app to instantly see if you've won. Download for iOS or Android2.

Check online

Go to

Ask a retailer

It's best to check yourself before handing it to the Retailer. Most Terminals will make a win sound when your ticket is scanned. Wait for your win receipt if you win on a Draw game. For Scratchcards you can ask for a reprint of the validation slip (except at Scratchcard only stores).

Self check

Some Retailers have interactive screens you can use to check if you've won. Some can only check Scratchcards.

Give us a call

Want to speak to a real person? No problem. Call the National Lottery Line to check – see the Contact section.

1All Tickets and Scratchcards need to be validated before a prize can be paid.

2iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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