Players' Guide - Version 22

Lotto – Your chance to win millions, plus 50 guaranteed winners of £20,000 in the raffle

Play for millions every Wednesday and Saturday in the nation's favourite lottery game. Plus, for every jackpot line you play, you'll also get automatic entry into the raffle where 50 winners of £20,000 will be selected in every Draw.

How much does it cost?

  • £2 per line, per draw

How do I play Lotto?

  • Choose a day to play
  • Choose 6 numbers (1 to 49)
  • Or ask for a Lucky Dip
  • Choose to play up to 8 weeks in advance.

What could I win?

What could I win?
Match Estimated Win1
6 Main numbers (jackpot) Jackpot
5 Main numbers + Bonus Ball £50,000
5 Main numbers £1,000
4 Main numbers £100
3 Main numbers £25
Raffle number Entry Guaranteed £20,000

1Prizes are estimated based on expected sales and number of winners. See the Lotto and Lotto raffle Retail Games Procedures below for more information (also contained in the Players’ Guide available at Retailers)

When are the draws?

  • Saturday – Draw show, BBC One from 19:302
  • Wednesday – Results, BBC One from 22:352

2Broadcast times are subject to change.

Lotto and Lotto raffle Retail Game Procedures

Players’ Guide version 22. Last updated: 30th December 2014.

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