5,000 millionaires

The National Lottery has
now created 5,000 millionaires who have shared an incredible £13.3 Billion.

  1. 98%

    Nearly every winner treats those closest to them, with 98% gifting to family.

  2. 47%

    More than giving up work and buying stuff, half of winners, 47%, say giving to others has brought them the most happiness.

  3. 57%

    57% of winners' children will be millionaires because of the win. Amazingly 36% believe that they will also be able to make their grandchildren millionaires.

  4. 19%

    On average winners have given away 19% of their winnings – that is an incredible £2.5 Billion.

  5. 53%

    It’s not such a material world for today’s big winners with more than half spending more of their windfall on experiences, 53%, rather than possessions, 39%.

  6. 27%

    27% of millionaires set up their own business, with half of these employing at least one other person. These include a flower shop, cake making, pub and property development.

  7. 78%

    Winners help charity. This isn’t just cash it’s also time with 78% choosing to volunteer.

must haves

When it comes to spending, winners still splash the cash on the finer things in life. But what were those finer things at the turn of the millennium, and what are millionaires popping into their velvet-lined shopping basket now?

back In 2003 the millionaire
must haves were …

  • Racehorse
  • Designer sunglasses
  • Koi carp
  • Ride on mower
  • Conservatory

In 2017 the millionaire must haves were …

  • A campervan
  • Woodland / forest
  • Bar / games room
  • Coffee machine
  • University fees


Popular then, popular now and probably still popular in a decade’s time, it seems that there are some things that are always worth every penny.

Hot tubs


Range Rover

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